An increasing number of young people say they can’t put down their phones. What are tech giants, parents, and treatment centres doing about it?

How Can We Fight Smartphone Addiction Among Kids?

The Smartphone Addiction?

Smartphone addiction, like internet addiction, involves excessive use of the device, especially for social media, messaging, and entertainment. It triggers the brain’s reward centre, leading to compulsive behaviour. Symptoms include losing track of time, anxiety over battery life or network access, interference with school or work, irritability when unable to use the phone, and failed attempts to cut down usage. This addiction can lead to various negative effects like sleep disorders, distracted driving, poor posture, anxiety, depression, and decreased productivity. If someone exhibits at least four of these signs, they may be addicted to their smartphone.

Why Seek Treatment for Smartphone Addiction at The Cabin?

The Cabin Chiang Mai’s inpatient treatment provides those suffering from their smartphone addiction the opportunity to “detox” from their phone usage in the stunning greenery of northern Thailand.

Here, Western-certified practitioners deliver our unique programme, which specialises in addictions where abstinence is not realistic—like with smartphones, where the goal is to manage their phone use rather than completely eliminate it. Those who seek help with this receive 24-hour support to develop a healthier relationship with technology, and a new approach to daily life.

This treatment is drawn from cognitive behavioural therapy, the 12 Steps, and mindfulness practice and at our idyllic mountain campus in Thailand is delivered for a fraction of the cost of similar programs situated in the West.

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What Can Family Members Do to Contribute to a Teen’s Recovery?

Treatment doesn’t always end when an individual leaves The Cabin Chiang Mai—our centre provides valuable aftercare and support to its alumni.

If a teenager in your life is struggling with smartphone addiction, experts recommend a number of measures to assist them during their recovery. Parents can:

  • Put phones away during meal times
  • Designate specific windows during the day in which to check their own phones
  • Remove social media applications from their own phones to decrease the impulse to scan them
  • Pick up a new social or solitary activity to replace some smartphone usage

The Cabin Chiang Mai is committed to supporting both those who need treatment themselves and their families. To find out more about whether you or someone you love could benefit from a healthier relationship with their smartphone, contact us for a free consultation.

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