Substance abuse can increase mental illness.

The Danger of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Discover how to stop the vicious cycle resulting from the relationship between mental illness and substance abuse.
A woman getting psychological support

Recognising The Symptoms of Childhood Trauma in Adulthood

Discover how childhood trauma manifests in adulthood with symptoms of PTSD, and explore treatment options at The Cabin Chiang Mai.
Opioids and Alcohol - A Killer Combination

Opioids and Alcohol – a Combination that Could Kill

Opioids and alcohol are both highly addictive and widely abused. Combining them could prove fatal and, with opioid addiction at record levels and alcohol so readily available, the number of deaths continues to rise. We explore this worrying trend and offer advice for addicts and their families. Sharelines Mixing opioids with alcohol is a combination…
How Can We Fight Smartphone Addiction Among Kids?

How Can We Fight Smartphone Addiction Among Young People?

An increasing number of young people say they can’t put down their phones. What are tech giants, parents, and treatment centres doing about it? The Smartphone Addiction? Smartphone addiction, like internet addiction, involves excessive use of the device, especially for social media, messaging, and entertainment. It triggers the brain’s reward centre, leading to compulsive behaviour….
10 Benefits Getting Sober

10 Awesome Benefits of Getting Sober

Having a hard time imagining what your life will look like after getting sober? Explore 10 of the biggest benefits you’ve got to look forward to when you stop using: Getting sober is hard work. It’s a challenging process that requires dedication and willpower – and, for many, adapting to life without using is difficult….
demi lovato bipolar disorder

Demi Lovato’s Addiction and Bipolar Disorder: a Dual Diagnosis in Rehab

In 2010, Demi Lovato publicly checked into rehab for addiction to overcome “emotional and physical issues.” In 2013, she told Access Hollywood that in the darkest days of her cocaine addiction she could not last more than 30 minutes without snorting cocaine and her disease lead her to manipulate everyone around her, including her mother,…
David Bowie

Did Depression lead David Bowie to Addiction?

David Bowie’s addiction struggles were public knowledge. Learn what factors exacerbated them and how he successfully recovered to continue his musical genius. When David Bowie succumbed to liver cancer in January of this year he was remembered for his music genius and his rock star lifestyle, which typically included addictions. David Bowie struggled with alcohol…