Family Advice for Drug and Alcohol Rehab


Drug and alcohol addiction negatively impacts the user and their family. Oftentimes, we are asked by the family for advice to get their loved one into drug and alcohol rehab. Taking the initial steps to rehab is not always easy. It takes courage, determination and patience. Your loved one may be so deep in their drug or alcohol addiction that they may not want help. They may not even believe they have an alcohol or drug problem. It may take a few members of the family coming together to have an intervention and confront a loved one about their alcohol or drug abuse.

The good news is that family members can have the most influence over an addict. As long as they come from a place of love, concern and compassion, a spouse or a parent may have the power to convince a loved one they have a problem. Getting a loved one into a drug and alcohol rehab programme is the best way to help them break free from their addiction and begin to rebuild their lives.

At The Cabin Chiang Mai, we understand the important role that family plays in getting a loved one into rehab. Rehab is the path to recovery.

Family Advice and Consultation Services – Pre-Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our drug and alcohol rehab centre receives calls and emails on a daily basis from concerned mothers, fathers, spouses, brothers and other extended family members. We consult with desperate family members who are distraught over a loved one’s destructive addiction to drugs or alcohol.

No one wants their loved one to suffer and will do whatever it takes to get them the help they need. Picking up the phone and calling our rehab centre for a family consultation is the first step in transitioning your loved one to rehab.

We understand that addiction is a destructive force. Oftentimes, the family members who contact us for a consultation have been through a lot. From having money or possessions stolen to bailing a loved one out of jail, visiting them in the hospital, and watching them throw their life away, these are the terrible things family members have had to endure.

Our family consultation services can help you take the next steps in getting your loved one into drug and alcohol rehab. The goal of our family consultation services is to make this transition as easy as possible. We understand that you have already been through a lot and that rehab may be another challenge. This is why as part of our family consultation services, our counsellors can provide you the guidance and encouragement you need during this critical transitional period. As part of our drug and alcohol rehab family consultation services, we will:

  • Provide you with a phone consultation about your family member’s addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Discuss our different treatment options to determine what programme best fits your loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction needs
  • Consult with you and other family members on strategies to help get your loved one into rehab
  • Review our alcohol and drug rehab programme details including treatment methods
  • Help you to make travel arrangements to our rehab centre upon request

Family Therapy Services – During Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction is something that impacts the entire family – that is why addiction is known as a family disease. When one member of the family is struck by addiction it naturally leads to stress in the house and causes other family members to unconsciously adopt dysfunctional beliefs and behaviours to cope with the situation. Therefore it is imperative that the family also receive therapy at the same time as the addict – numerous studies have proved this approach increases the chances of the addict maintaining recovery long-term.

Here, at The Cabin Chiang Mai, we offer an intensive Family Therapy Programme. During this time, the family will be integrated into their loved one’s treatment and learn about the disease of addiction and how it is treated. As well, we will identify the roles family members have been adopting so far and teach them how to support the addict’s recovery once they return home.

We understand that relationships are often destroyed by drug and alcohol addiction – and assisting families in taking the initial steps in rebuilding relationships is also a fundamental part of this session.

We, therefore, highly encourage the loved ones of all clients to make it a point to attend, please click here for details of our Family Programme.

Other Family Consultation Services available During Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We understand that as a family you will naturally be concerned about your loved one during their stay at our drug and alcohol rehab centre. On advance request, we can provide you with:

  • Updates on your loved one’s progress through their drug and alcohol rehab programme
  • Coordinate an optional visit between family members and loved ones at our rehab centre if you are unable to attend the Family Programme – Please note that such a visit can only be facilitated on approval of the client’s personal counsellor.

Find Out How Our Family Programme Works

The main goal of the family programme is to help the family develop a new understanding of the disease of addiction and strategies for coping with it within the family. It is also a time to create a long-term plan for how family members can aid in their loved one’s long-term addiction recovery goals. In some cases, where underlying family issues are quite intense, we may refer you to a family addiction counsellor or support group in your area for follow-up.



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