How Rehab Works at The Cabin

How Rehab Works
Enrolling in The Cabin Chiang Mai’s inpatient rehab gives you the time and focus that you need to manage your addiction. When you enter our treatment facility, you will be far from your triggers, stressors, distractions and other negative influences, and find yourself in the best position to pursue an addiction free future. You will have the time, space and ability that you need to concentrate on yourself and begin healing –and a team of caring and highly qualified professionals to guide you.

You will live in a private resort style room, all your meals will be catered and your laundry and room will be taken care of daily.

There are two main elements to addiction treatment at The Cabin


Detoxification is the cleansing of your system of the substance that you were using. Most substances do not cause a physical dependence and clients usually only suffer mild withdrawal symptoms like headaches and the inability to sleep. We have a doctor and medical staff available 24/7 to monitor all clients and prescribe medication to ease these symptoms as well as address any other health conditions.

However, severe alcohol and some other substance addictions do cause physical dependence. Though we recommend that these clients attend detoxification in a hospital prior to reaching The Cabin; our medical team can assist with any continuing withdrawal symptoms onsite or if anything should occur.


The psychological side of treatment is the most important as addiction is primarily a psycho/socio/behavioural disorder. This is accomplished through daily group therapy sessions, individual counselling and Mindfulness therapy

We use a holistic treatment programme called Recovery Zones, which is a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), 12 Steps and Mindfulness Meditation.

CBT is a personalised approach that we adapt to suit each client’s individual needs. We also practice the recognised 12 Steps method that our clinical team has customised to be both culturally-sensitive and relevant to modern day life. Therapeutic meditation techniques, which include Mindfulness meditation, and yoga have been proven to help in treating addiction by managing stress and helping to reduce cravings.

Exercise Therapy compliments this core program, and includes personal training and group sessions. Our physical therapy is conducted by an outstanding team of fitness instructors who have a thorough understanding of the physical issues that addicts face.

Family Programme

An important part of your treatment is our Family Programme – as family therapy has been found to increase the chances of an addict maintaining long-term recovery. It involves active participation from your family members and educates them about addiction and the recovery process. It comes free of charge and runs the last week of every month from Wednesday to Friday.

Length of Stay

Your duration of stay at The Cabin depends on several factors, such as your personal requirements and level of addiction. The minimum duration is a one-month programme.

A Day at The Cabin

The day begins with breakfast at 7:45 a.m. Most days at The Cabin involve therapy sessions (group and one-on-one), physical therapy, mindfulness coaching and a variety of therapeutic workshops. Dinner is from 7:15 – 8 pm, after which you will have free time until 9:30 pm.

The weekends are a bit different. Saturday mornings involve participation in drum or art therapy, whilst the afternoon is allocated to fitness activities, professional grooming services or personal phone time. Sundays are solely used for enjoyable days trips around Chiang Mai, such as visiting elephant camps, whitewater rafting, Thai cooking class and more.

You can have a look at the Weekly Schedule to get an idea of what each day will entail.

Phone Calls and Internet

The Cabin provides an optimal environment for a total immersion treatment programme. We do understand that some communication, e.g., vis-à-vis family or business, is necessary or helpful. That said, during your treatment stay at The Cabin, you will have limited phone and Internet access. Learn more about our Electronics Policy.

Aftercare Treatment

After you have successfully completed primary treatment, you will be ready to start utilising aftercare options. Aftercare is incredibly important when it comes to preventing relapse and we make sure that all of our clients receive the aftercare that is suitable for them.

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Our complimentary 8-week aftercare programme involves systematic online video group therapy sessions that allow clients to interact with each other and the counsellor in real time, regardless of where they are in the world. Since you are already familiar with the group, this continuing dynamic has proven to have a significant positive effect on the efficacy and success of our treatment programme.

Aside from these free, compulsory group counselling sessions, you can also purchase one-on-one counselling sessions whenever you please. Additionally, we have a number of outpatient clinics in major cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney that provide outpatient after care programmes to individuals in those locations.

Sober House

You can also attend secondary treatment at our Sober House after completing at least 60 days of primary treatment at The Cabin. Sober House is designed to reinitiate you back into society after rehab and involves staying in a moderately supervised and structured environment with only group therapy sessions required each day. The rest of the time can be filled with activities such as community service, learning new skills or taking up hobbies, which will help you learn sober time management practises and responsibility that will be essential when you return to daily life.

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