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Why is Physical Therapy included in Addiction Treatment?

Physical or fitness therapy is an important and beneficial part of our effective method of addiction treatment. Exercise enhances an individual’s physical well-being and helps them to build strength while in rehab.

At The Cabin Chiang Mai, physical fitness plays a key role in your treatment program as we know how this fosters both self-discovery and a connection with purpose and discipline. The Cabin will ensure that your return to peak performance is supported by an individual personal training programme designed to enhance your physical well-being designed to help you develop resilience, boost your self-esteem and help you to build strength whilst in treatment.

Regular exercise increases endorphins and has been proven to reduce cravings. Cardio exercise in particular is linked to neuro-genesis (growth of new brain cells) which is thought to elevate mood and therefore offset depression and other mood disorders.

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Whether it’s about losing weight, gaining weight or developing core strength, at The Cabin, we offer a broad range of physical therapy options as part of our addiction treatment method. These include:

  • Personal Training
  • Yoga
  • Muay Thai Training
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Mountain Biking
  • Personal Training
  • Yoga
  • Muay Thai Training
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Mountain Biking

Each of our clients is provided with a customised programme tailored to their individual tastes and requirements, and it is augmented by a full mindfulness therapy regimen to enhance the recovery process.

Our encouraging fitness staff help you performance your very best.

Personal Training

Each individual that recovers at The Cabin will be given a personal training programme designed to restore them to a physically healthy state. At The Cabin Chiang Mai, we understand that every person is different and we will work with you to develop a programme tailored specifically to your individual needs and taking into account your abilities and the stage your treatment for addiction has reached. Aspects of your personal training programme may include cardio fitness, aerobics, weight lifting, resistance exercises and other forms of fitness therapy.

“Rainy is amazing. the best Personal trainer I’ve ever had. She has provided a brilliant programme, and is always so happy and positive that really Is motivating. I will miss her team very much”

Nicola, the client in recovery


As part of our physical therapy programme, yoga classes are held throughout the week. Yoga has many therapeutic benefits such as increasing flexibility and increasing the lubrication of joints, ligaments and tendons. Through the different “asanas” or postures in yoga, you actually massage the internal organs and glands of the body. Through stimulation and massage of the internal organs, Yoga also helps the body to flush out toxins in the body. By keeping the body nourished and free of toxins, it promotes anti-ageing and an increase in energy. Yoga is also an excellent form of fitness therapy to tone muscles.

Yoga helps to harmonise the mind and body.

Though yoga has a wealth of physical benefits, many believe the mental benefits outweigh the physical. Yoga helps to harmonise the mind and body. Through the practice of yoga, you are able to enter a meditative state which promotes balance and stability. Those individuals recovering from addiction will find the ability to reach mental clarity and feel emotionally stable a rewarding part of yoga. At The Cabin Chiang Mai, we combine Hatha and Vinyasa forms of Yoga to create a one-hour gentle and holistic strengthening programme.

Muay Thai boxing – part of physical exercise therapy

Muay Thai Training

The Cabin’s Muay Thai class is an optional cardio fitness therapy that gets our patients back into shape, builds strength and helps them to lose weight. Nay and Aon, our body contact fitness instructor, use therapy techniques such as pushups, sit-ups, jumping rope, shadow boxing, heavy bag, and free weight boxing to build strength and endurance in the body. The combination of sparring jabs, power punches, kicks and aerobics burns calories. A cardio programme is a good way to transition into gym classes following rehab.

Aqua Fitness Therapy

Aqua fitness therapy has many benefits such as reducing pain, increasing flexibility and reducing blood pressure and stress. Water actually supports and massages the body as you exercise. At our treatment centre, our aqua fitness classes include a combination of resistance and isometric exercises that can be used to build strength and muscles. Our fitness instructor Rainy leads our aqua therapy classes in our stunning riverside swimming pool.

Refreshing lap and leisure swimming pools

Mountain Biking

Our experienced staff lead a one-hour mountain biking tour, providing our patients with a physical workout in a natural, healthy outdoor environment. Groups are led through some of Thailand’s most beautiful rice paddy fields located just outside The Cabin offering a fitness endurance therapy combined with the mental benefits of fresh air and beautiful landscape scenery. Mountain biking is an ideal fitness therapy because it builds leg strength, optimises fat burning and works the cardiovascular system. Mountain biking is a great social activity which you can take with you when you leave our rehab centre.

“My time with Rainy got me into my best physical shape ever! Thank you for the encouragement, and FUN! “

Andrea, the client in recovery

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