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The Team at The Cabin

Our Team

Our clinical team is made up of a group of highly trained and unique individuals who work together to each bring a special focus around delivering the best individualized treatment possible. Each team member is carefully selected to help clients and are all dedicated to helping others achieve life long recovery through our programme at The Cabin, with specific clinical focus to address addiction, depression, anxiety and trauma.

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Lead Therapist and Head of the Clinical Programme

Lee Daniel Hawker-Lecesne

Lee Daniel Hawker-Lecesne, Lead Therapist at The Cabin


British Psychological Society Number: 479469

Lee is a Registered Member of the British Psychological Society. He graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in the UK with a degree in Behavioural Science, and a postgraduate clinical focus on addictions from the University of Bath. Lee is a focused and ambitious individual who has in depth training and experience of a broad range of clinical psychological interventions in the treatment of addiction, dual diagnosis and complex trauma. Having worked in the field of addiction for over twenty years, Lee has experience of having assessed and treated many clients and families presenting with substance misuse and chemical dependency along with managing and treating trauma. Lee heads the clinical programme for The Cabin and shapes the treatment plan bespoke to individual client needs; so that focused treatment is delivered to address specific individual needs – and thus providing for higher treatment quality that is measurable and progress that is observable to both client and clinician.

Lee’s passion is to provide the best possible clinical quality and experience to ensure that clients have an opportunity to achieve lifelong recovery and are able to be a beacon to others in their life.

Dr. Saji Joseph

Dr. Saji Joseph, Counsellor


Dr. Saji is a trained Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Addictions Therapist who has worked in multiple international rehabs since 2009 with a strong focus on treating addiction and related psychiatric comorbidities. His PhD work focuses on addiction relapse, and his practice is based in scientific evidence, ethics and compassion. He is a Certified Substance Abuse Therapist (CSAT) Level 3 by the Asia Pacific Certification Board and an Internal Certified Addiction Professional (ICAP) Level 3 by the Global Centre for Credentialing and Certification.

Saji has successfully treated hundreds of clients internationally and has been instrumental in assisting individuals to recognize their detrimental behavior patterns and conditions that trigger unwanted emotions. In doing so, he has successfully guided many individuals in treatment and has provided an opportunity for long term recovery and a new way of living for both them and their loved ones.

We are proud to have Saji as part of our clinical team.

Tony Brooks

Tony Brooks, Counsellor

FDAP Member

Tony is an accomplished addiction counsellor with certification from the University of Bath with a specialization from the Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies (CATS).

Tony has experience treating alcohol and drug addiction including chem-sex. With 20 years of working internationally as a holistic spiritual practitioner, he has a strong focus on mindfulness and connects seamlessly into sharing and supporting individuals through the Buddhist practices involving mindfulness and grounding that Thailand is known for.

Prior to being a counsellor, Tony has many years of helping individuals working both within the NHS, as a Service Manager of a Drug and Alcohol Charity and in private sector rehabs.

The Cabin is proud to have Tony as a member of our clinical team.

Alvaro Carvalho

Alvaro Carvalho, Counsellor

Alvaro is an experienced Addiction Counsellor with more than 15 years of experience. He is very calm and approachable and has worked in many different international environments, successfully treating clients from many different backgrounds and respective underlying issues.

Alvaro’s experience has focused intensively on group and individual treatment along with CBT and DBT, clinical applications of motivational strategies, and relapse prevention. He also has experience in managing complex cases and conditions.

Alvaro speaks English, French and Portuguese fluently and can communicate with clients and other clinicians in these languages.

Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott, Counsellor

Jordan is a Counsellor who brings a lot of energy to the team and empowers both group and individual counselling sessions with this enthusiasm, making the client experience more satisfying and providing deeper insights for development. He also has real passion for his own recovery and brings this spirit into the community and believes recovery should be a rewarding experience.

Jordan has most recently worked for Sharp Action on Addiction in the UK with a focus on psycho-educational and interpersonal group therapy, and trauma informed training.

Jordan is keen and active in a variety of sports and maintains a high level of fitness as well as self-care, as these are foundational to having a sound mind and body.

Paula Da Rosa

Paula Da Rosa, Holistic Specialist

Paula is a dedicated and outstanding Holistic Specialist. After working in the pharmaceutical industry, Paula decided to step away to follow her passion, inspiring and supporting people to live a healthy and balance life in body, mind and spirit. She dedicated herself to the practice, study and teaching of yoga since 2012, and has experience teaching all levels of yoga, from beginners to high performance athletes. She teaches different yoga styles adapting the class to the needs of the students. Her experience also includes meditation, mindfulness, reiki and Sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls.


Misty, Emotional Support Animal

Research has validated the effectiveness of emotional support animals. The benefit of interacting and petting an emotional support animal include: increasing calmness and relaxation, lowering anxiety, alleviating loneliness, enhancing social engagement and interaction, normalizing heart rate and blood pressure, reducing pain, reducing depression and increasing pleasure.

Misty is a gentle and trusting soul who makes everybody smile when they see her coming. Clients are welcome to take her for walks, groom and pet her or simply spend time in her company.

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