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You are looking for a new way forward. You have found one with The Cabin.

The human mind is a problem-solving organ – it cannot help but do what it does. When we look at our own pain, we initially cannot help but judge it, anticipate it, reason with it, and try to get it to go away.

It is very likely you have already tried that. And if it produced everything you wanted, you would not have journeyed here to join The Cabin’s Kintsugi Programme.

To embark on this path, you must release certain problem-solving habits. Embrace feelings as feelings and thoughts as thoughts. The Kintsugi Programme immerses you in an alternative way, acknowledging that mere understanding won’t suffice. Minds tend to solve problems in a judgmental manner, inhibiting true growth.

The Kintsugi Programme breathes new life into outdated strategies, guiding you when your trusted skills falter. It presents options when your mind draws blanks and unveils exciting paths when you feel lost. This programme leads you toward an enlightened way of living.

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Why Undertake the Kintsugi Programme?

There are strong scientific evidence bases for the combined therapies that The Kintsugi Programme delivers in the areas of trauma, pain, anxiety, and depression – areas most participants of this programme will likely know something about in personal terms. Each of them is independently established as a stand-alone treatment and has rightly grown rapidly to become a first-line treatment. They are brought together collectively only by The Cabin though to make up your Kintsugi Programme.

The body of research-based evidence for the combined therapies used in The Kintsugi Programme is solid evidence for us to be able to offer the best first-line treatments available to those who may benefit, especially those who need a fresh approach.

You are in a unique position. If you are willing to be guided by your own pain, and our expertise, we can support you to learn a new way forward. At The Cabin, we believe that is part of why fate and happenstance have brought you to The Kintsugi Programme.

Looking for a different path in the treatment of PTS and Trauma?

The Kintsugi Programme by The Cabin might be just right for you.

The Kintsugi Therapy Programme

The Kintsugi Programme blends neuroscience, mindfulness, and more to help you transform your response to trauma. Let go of limiting strategies and embrace a fresh perspective for post-traumatic growth. Uncover your true self with The Cabin’s Kintsugi Programme.

The Cabin promises to help you to:

  • Be fully awake and present in your life from now on – embracing, rather than fighting against, your trauma history, memories, fears, sadness and grief
  • Discover freedom in choosing new and meaningful directions for your life
  • Be able to “walk the talk” when it comes to shaping your life in the way you desire

As you will come to learn, trauma is a primary, chronic, and progressive disorder that responds best to a broad spectrum of psychological treatments. Here at The Cabin, we use a range of mainstream evidenced-based Western therapies augmented by a unique Eastern treatment model that does not exist anywhere else in the world. The Kintsugi Programme at The Cabin is designed to treat every aspect of the problems that prompted you to begin your journey to find us.

Rest assured that this programme is designed and audited by psychologists with many years of experience in treating trauma and delivering trauma-informed care across a range of clinical settings. All therapy at The Cabin is delivered by licensed and accredited professional Masters-level staff who are qualified and highly trained to deliver these treatments.

What Does Programme Include?

The Kintsugi Programme is inspired by the Japanese tradition of Wabi Sabi, which embraces the flawed or imperfect and celebrates the beauty of imperfection and living simply. The Kintsugi Programme is designed to remind us that imperfection is both inevitable and beautiful and that living simply is living with beauty and grace.

There are times when life unfolds in a very different way than we would have liked or imagined when we have no control and are forced to face the imperfection of a situation. To deal with and learn to live with the imperfections of life, The Cabin has brought together mainstream therapies to help deal with such adversities.

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) integrates acceptance, mindfulness, commitment, and behaviour-change strategies, fostering psychological flexibility. Rather than erasing difficult emotions, ACT promotes being present amid life’s challenges and progressing toward valued behaviours. It encourages facing discomfort without overreacting or avoiding it, creating a positive cycle of emotional resilience and deeper understanding. ACT measures truth through ‘workability,’ focusing on steps aligned with values and purpose, ultimately enhancing a more fulfilling life journey.

Kintsugi Art Psychotherapy

Kintsugi Art Psychotherapy bridges the conscious and subconscious, unlocking hidden emotional memories that influence our present. While logic resides in the conscious mind, emotions and creativity stem from the subconscious. Past emotional events often shape present challenges, stored beyond our conscious reach. To truly heal, we must address these core issues. Kintsugi Art Psychotherapy, led by a trained specialist, doesn’t demand artistic talent; instead, it employs the creative process to release subconscious emotions. This communication between conscious and unconscious minds allows us to address underlying beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviours, promoting profound resolution and growth.

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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy offers a researched and effective approach for trauma, anxiety, and phobias. This integrative psychotherapy involves recalling images while receiving bilateral sensory input, like side-to-side eye movements. Supported by extensive evidence, EMDR is recommended for developmental trauma, complex trauma, and post-traumatic stress (PTS) treatment.

Dynamic Neurofeedback

The goal of our neurofeedback programme for PTS, Developmental, and Complex Trauma aligns with psychotherapy and EMDR – to process trauma’s impact. Unlike traditional methods, neurofeedback achieves this without discussing or reliving uncomfortable feelings. This technique is especially effective for Developmental Trauma or C-PTS, addressing trauma’s effects and enhancing brain regulation for symptoms like hyper-vigilance and anxiety. Our skilled psychologists at The Cabin bring their vast experience to employ neurofeedback as a pivotal treatment for personal transformations, harnessing the brain’s natural ability to heal.

The Cabin's onsite medical staff
Yoga helps to harmonise the mind and body.

Kintsugi Yoga

Kintsugi Yoga is an additional avenue for treating complex trauma and PTS (post-traumatic stress) at The Cabin. Our trauma care program incorporates specialized physical exercises that induce neurogenic vibrations, allowing stress reduction, tension release, and symptom intensity decrease. Somatic movement, like Kintsugi Yoga, is proven effective for shock trauma from accidents and acute experiences, as well as complex trauma from prolonged exposure to extreme stressors. At The Cabin, Kintsugi Yoga aligns with Kintsugi Art Psychotherapy, EMDR, and Dynamic Neurofeedback, forming a core treatment. Clients can continue practising Kintsugi Yoga as part of their individual healing journey.

Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT)

Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT) is a leading-edge evidence-based treatment for trauma. TF-CBT addresses how negative thinking shapes emotions, actions, and beliefs about the world. By uncovering and reframing these thoughts, TF-CBT enables healing from conditions like trauma that disrupt mental and emotional well-being. The Kintsugi Programme equips you with tools to heal repeatedly. Just as our bodies and minds instinctively repair, this program emphasizes the importance of healing as much as overcoming brokenness. Designed with this philosophy, The Kintsugi Programme becomes a powerful foundation for your therapeutic journey.

Personal and Group Counselling Sessions at The Cabin

Mental Wellness is Within Reach

We Are All Kintsugi

The Kintsugi Programme from The Cabin has been specifically designed to demonstrate your resilience and tenacity. As you grow through the challenges of your life experiences, you can make changes to ensure you survive, thrive and flourish. Admiring the beauty of a finalised piece of kintsugi art as a central part of your therapy is to remember that you too can be broken and repaired in a stronger and more beautiful way; and that you can gain from your experience, however awful and painful that may have been.

Embedded within a unique care plan, The Kintsugi Model reflects your progress towards strength and resilience, guiding you back to the life you deserve. Just as scars tell stories on our skin, these golden joins highlight your path from adversity to empowerment. The programme embraces breaks and bonds, celebrating the mending process while not masking the damage.

At The Cabin we use the philosophy of Kintsugi to provide practical applications for the problems you may have been facing in your life. Everyone faces suffering, but it is the way in which you overcome your troubles, and heal your emotional wounds, that is key.

It’s a journey of embracing life’s scars and emerging as a stronger version of ourselves. The Kintsugi Programme encourages us to honour our stories, finding courage in both our joys and sorrows. A central purpose of The Cabin’s Kintsugi Programme requires us to look deep inside our hearts because they will be full of these golden cracks, where the light, the grace, and the humility come in. Because whilst none of us are perfect, we recognise that we are all Kintsugi.

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