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The Cabin Chiang Mai is widely recognised as the best inpatient drug addiction rehab and counselling centre Thailand has to offer. Situated in a tranquil mountain-side location just outside the main city of Chiang Mai, The Cabin offers world-class treatment for all types of drug addiction. Our pioneering and effective treatment model has gained us worldwide recognition.

Drug Treatment in Thailand: Which Drugs Are Treated at The Cabin’s Rehab Centre?

Our comprehensive and effective drug rehabilitation programme is equipped to deal with any drug addiction. The most common drug addictions that we treat here in Thailand are the following:

A World-Class, Effective Treatment Programme

At The Cabin’s cutting-edge centre located in the picturesque city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, we have garnered global recognition for our residential addiction treatment methodology. Our programme is celebrated not only for its holistic approach but also for the inclusion of vital drug addiction counselling services. At the heart of our distinctive treatment protocol is the concept of ‘Recovery Zones’, a pioneering approach that seamlessly integrates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the renowned 12-step programme, and the practice of Mindfulness Meditation. This unique blend of therapeutic techniques and counselling addresses the complexities of drug addiction, helping individuals reclaim their lives from the clutches of substance abuse.

Our commitment to drug addiction counselling is unwavering. Within our programme, we place a profound emphasis on the importance of regular counselling sessions, which are tailored to the unique needs and experiences of each individual. These sessions provide a safe and confidential space for individuals to explore the root causes of their addiction, gain insight into their behavioural patterns, and develop coping strategies that foster lasting recovery.

The Cabin’s approach to drug addiction counselling is a defining feature of our comprehensive addiction treatment programme in Thailand. We firmly believe that addressing the psychological and emotional aspects of addiction is as crucial as managing its physical manifestations. This approach sets us apart from other drug rehabilitation centres in Thailand and underscores our commitment to providing holistic, evidence-based care that supports individuals on their journey to sobriety.

The Cabin Group’s international network of facilities offers a steadfast commitment to drug addiction counselling as a core component of our comprehensive addiction treatment programmes. Whether seeking inpatient or outpatient care, individuals can trust in our utmost dedication to helping them overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery through the power of counselling and holistic treatment.

The first step to recovery from drug addiction is expert counselling

Our addiction treatment programme includes therapy and counselling sessions, complemented by physical and mental health activities. Each day’s schedule keeps you busy doing fun and interesting activities around your counselling sessions to help keep your mind active and to avoid too much time to focus on your cravings or addiction.

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Care in Thailand

Inpatient or residential drug treatment in Thailand offers clients a chance to get away from their daily lives which can be full of triggers. Instead, getting away to a luxurious resort-like facility where the ability to find drugs is near impossible gives them the chance to focus solely on their own recovery.

As well, The Cabin Chiang Mai has staff working round the clock, meaning that any time of day or night there is someone available should you need assistance in any way. For many, especially those with a severe addiction, inpatient rehab is the only feasible recovery method.

What About Detoxification?

A detoxification is not required by everyone. Upon arrival to our facility, we will determine whether or not a medically supervised drug detox programme is required.

Highly Trained Staff

At The Cabin Chiang Mai, our team of Western-trained and licensed drug counselling specialists has decades of combined experience dealing with all forms of drug addiction. In fact, many of our addiction counsellors are in recovery themselves, allowing them to also pull from personal experience.

Beyond the counselling team, we have full-time medical staff who specialise in addiction treatment. Our staff includes the head psychiatrist and several psychologists, combined with our professional nursing team who are onsite and available 7 days a week, day or night.

The Cabin Chiang Mai: A Serene and Healing Environment for Addiction Treatment

Our drug addiction treatment programme is world-class and is well complemented by the unique healing environment in which it all takes place.

The Cabin Rice Villa in Rainy Season

In the scenic mountainous outskirts of the city of Chiang Mai, comfortable private villas sit amidst lush tropical gardens. A swimming pool glistens invitingly in the hot summer sun, and people are busy across the expansive grounds with yoga, meditation, physical fitness and of course, scheduled therapy and treatment sessions.

The Cabin Chiang Mai offers private rooms, 24/7 care, and a treatment programme that is of the highest quality – all at approximately one-third the price of a similar, or even lesser-quality addiction treatment centre in the West. The Cabin’s Dependency Centre in Thailand is the perfect place for you or your loved one to begin the healing journey towards full recovery.

The Cabin comfortable private villas. Colonial Bedroom

“This place has lifted me up from a rock bottom (suicide) state. With the support and advice given to me from the staff at the facility, I am well on the way to a great future. One I was never going to have if I hadn’t come to The Cabin.

What Can I Expect During Rehab?

As a leading rehabilitation centre, our comprehensive treatment programme aims to heal body and mind simultaneously. Upon arriving at our facility you will undergo an initial assessment with one of our counsellors and a member of our medical team. Those who are physically dependent on drugs will be required to undergo a medically supervised alcohol detox programme for the first few days and under the care of the team.

7:00 amYoga
7:30 amBreakfast
9:00 amProcess Group
10:15 amFitness Session
11:30 amPsych Ed GPs 1, 2, 3 Trauma
12:30 pmLunch
2:00 pmCounselling, Holistic
4:00 pmPersonal Training, Massage
5:00 pmGroup Holistic
6:00 pmDinner
7:00 pmOffsite NA, AA Onsite
10:00 pmBedtime
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Yoga helps to harmonise the mind and body.
Enjoy healthy cuisine curated for recovery by top chefs.

Otherwise, after being shown to a private room amidst our luxurious accommodations, clients will embark on their weekly schedule of treatment and various therapies including physical fitness, art therapy, yoga, and mindfulness meditation which work well together to build coping skills and ensure a complete recovery. Each week provides opportunities for local excursions as well – hiking to local waterfalls, bamboo rafting or visiting local handicraft museums and factories.

Our programme is designed to create a foundation and build on this with a focus on different themes and modules every week that build on each other and that is reinforced with both group counselling and individual treatment sessions. The treatment modalities used are based on evidence-based treatment standards, and is reviewed by our Medical Advisory Board.

Our Programme Is a Fraction of The Price of Comparable Treatment in The West.

Medical care in Thailand is among the most affordable in the world, making it a world-famous medical tourism destination. A premium inpatient addiction treatment programme with private luxury accommodation at The Cabin Chiang Mai is We offer 4 to 12 week Programme at The Cabin Chiang Mai Starting at $16,900 even with the cost of flights factored in, this represents significant savings. The similar programmes in the US or Australia, for example, usually cost around $40,000-$60,000.


The Cost for a 28-Day Programme at The Cabin Chiang Mai Starts From Just $16,900 USD

Our program offers exceptional value compared to similar treatment options in the West. Medical care in Thailand is renowned for its affordability, making it a global hub for medical tourism. Even when factoring in the cost of flights, a premium inpatient addiction treatment program with private luxury accommodation at The Cabin Chiang Mai is priced at just $16,900 per month. In contrast, comparable programs in the US or Australia typically range from $30,000 to $50,000.

In many cases, yes. However, it depends on your own personal insurance policy. To be sure, please contact our team to find out more.

Yes! Ensuring our clients’ confidentiality is of utmost priority for us here at The Cabin. You can rest assured that only you will be the one to decide who finds out about your treatment.



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