Aftercare Support at The Cabin Chiang Mai

Aftercare Support at The Cabin Chiang Mai

Continuing Care at The Cabin Chiang Mai

A structured aftercare programme has been proven to increase the overall effectiveness and success of any addiction treatment programme. Here at The Cabin Chiang Mai, we know that aftercare is essential to relapse prevention, and therefore the success of any treatment programme. We place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring clients have access to the aftercare they need.

This usually takes the form of ensuring that when a client returns home they have access to a range of support channels that are proven to be effective in maintaining sobriety. These channels include attending regulars support groups, such as those run by NA and AA, seeking out and connecting with local peer support, regular meetings with the referring physician or counselor or finding a new local counsellors or other addiction professional if appropriate. Towards the end of every client’s time at The Cabin Chiang Mai, a detailed and comprehensive aftercare programme will be produced by the client and their counsellor to ensure the transition back home is as supported as possible.

An important part of this smooth transition back home is our unique Online Aftercare Counselling Programme.

The Cabin’s Unique Online Video Aftercare Programme

As our clients come from all over the globe, making it difficult to provide aftercare in person, The Cabin has created a unique and what is proving to be a highly effective online video aftercare programme. Using sophisticated online video technology and dedicated, hi-speed internet connections, we are able to engage up to 8 people, including a counsellor, in a face to face group aftercare session where all participants can see and interact with each other.  Alternatively, we offer one on one online aftercare counselling.

Whilst other rehabs offer aftercare online using such tools as Skype, The Cabin is the only rehab world-wide that offers a sophisticated, interactive and secure platform that enables all participants to see and engage with each other simultaneously. And it’s free and available to all ex-clients.

The therapeutic value of online aftercare includes:

  • Providing continuity of treatment. Treatment should not end when you leave rehab.
  • Proven to aid in Relapse Prevention.
  • The personal touch of seeing a counsellor face to face.
  • Online counseling offers the client the ability to stay connected to a professional level of care in a convenient from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their own home.
  • Allows client’s to step down in care gradually which has been proven to be helpful for anyone leaving an intensive inpatient treatment program.
  • Getting to see the familiar faces of your peers met during your time in rehab, a strong source of support.
  • Provides regular and easy access to professional help on relapse prevention.
  • Helps deal with PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) which are significant in early recovery.

How to Participate

Group Counselling – Free to Cabin Alumni, Conducted Saturday Mornings and Afternoons

Currently multiple group sessions are conducted every Saturday, both in the morning and the afternoon, to accommodate northern and southern hemisphere clients. If you would like more information on the group aftercare programme, and to find out how you can participate, please email Please note, sessions are free but you must be an ex-client of The Cabin to participate. Currently group sessions are conducted every Saturday, both in the morning and the afternoon, to accommodate clients in different time zones. Please see the chart below for available times.

Day Time
Wednesday 8.30am

(Thailand Time)

Day Time
Saturday 8.30am

(Thailand Time)

Individual Counselling – Fees Apply, Conducted by Appointment

Individual sessions are conducted at a mutually agreed time that’s suits both the counsellor and client. Appointments can take place any day of the week. If you would like more information on this exceptional aftercare programme, and to find out how you can participate, please email Please note fees may apply to individual sessions.

Access Peer Support Network

Since opening its doors in late 2009, The Cabin Chiang Mai has helped nearly 2,000 people beat their addictions and enter a life of recovery. These Cabin Alumni represent a global network of people who understand what recovery from addiction is and how to support others in their recovery.

The Cabin’s Peer Support Network is designed to put these Cabin Alumni in contact with each other so they can offer support. This support can take many forms – a regular coffee meeting with other alumni, information about local AA or NA meetings, recommendations to addiction professionals in your area, directions to recovery friendly venues, sight-seeing advice for alumni visiting your area and so on. So the network allows members to offer support to other members living in or visiting their area – and vice versa.

To protect our alumni’s privacy, The Cabin acts as an intermediary with respect to introducing people. If you would like to offer your support to other alumni living in or visiting your area, please let us know and we will add you to our Peer Support database. Likewise, please contact us to find out about Cabin Alumni support in your local area or at a destination you may be visiting.

If you would like to sign up to be a part of our Peer Support Network, or would like to make contact with someone in the network, please email or fill out the short form below.

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