Substance abuse can increase mental illness.

The Danger of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Discover how to stop the vicious cycle resulting from the relationship between mental illness and substance abuse.
Physical exercise is important for improving mental health

Physical Exercise to Improve Mental Health: A Key to Recovery

Find out how physical exercise improves mental health in addiction recovery. The Cabin Chiang Mai’s tailored activities offer a path that combines both.
A woman getting psychological support

Recognising The Symptoms of Childhood Trauma in Adulthood

Discover how childhood trauma manifests in adulthood with symptoms of PTSD, and explore treatment options at The Cabin Chiang Mai.
Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro gets Personal in “Mourning Son” Documentary

Dave Navarro hopes that by sharing his story of trauma, loss, fear and drug addiction in his new documentary Mourning Son, he can help others face their fears and be successful in addiction recovery (and in life). A new documentary produced by Dave Navarro, Mourning Son, is not your typical rock documentary and in fact…