Drug Abuse Expats in Singapore

Help With Drug Abuse for Expats in Singapore

In vibrant Singapore, expats thrive, but some struggle with drug abuse. Seeking help is crucial. This guide offers essential information on accessing assistance.
Alcohol Hangover vs Alcohol Withdrawal

Understanding the Contrast: Hangover vs Alcohol Withdrawal

If someone you know is struggling with alcohol, knowing the difference between a hangover vs alcohol withdrawal is vital. We’ll explain the distinctions.
Understanding the Addiction Mindset

Understanding the Addiction Mindset

Our experts at The Cabin Chiang Mai explain the addiction mindset, how addiction impacts the brain, and our effective treatment programmes.
Addiction Personality Characteristics traits

Should You Be Concerned About Addiction Characteristics?

Learn about addiction characteristics and how they can be one of the first indicators of a problem. The Cabin Chiang Mai is here to help.
The Most Common Addictions of the Modern World

Discover the Most Common Addictions of the Modern World

The modern world has added new addictive behaviours. Learn the most common modern addictions and where to get help to overcome them.
Anxiety coping skills for better mental health

Mastering Anxiety | Coping Skills For A Better Life

Discover essential anxiety coping skills to navigate stress and fear with our comprehensive guide. Learn techniques to improve your mental health today.
UK Eating disorders

What Eating Disorders in the UK Can Teach Us

Eating disorders affect people globally. We’ll explore eating disorders in the UK to get a better idea of the extent of the issue.
Substance abuse can increase mental illness.

The Danger of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Discover how to stop the vicious cycle resulting from the relationship between mental illness and substance abuse.
Semaglutide Pen

There’s an Alternative to New Weight Loss Drugs

Many individuals are turning to new weight loss drugs for a quick fix. In this blog, we’ll explore these drugs making waves on the market, their mechanisms, effectiveness, and potential health risks.
Doomscrolling, Anxiety and stress from excessive online surfing

The Psychological Effects of Overconsumption of Bad News

Staying up-to-date with current events keeps us aware and informed about the world around us. But while being informed is important, overexposure to negative news can lead to stress and affect your mental health.