Drugs are often found at concerts and parties.

Decoding The Popular Party Drug Dangers

Let’s explore the dangers associated with party drug abuse, a growing concern that transcends locations, cultures, and individual preferences.
Tha Pae Gate, Chiang Mai

Discover the Rejuvenating Charms and Culture of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai’s cool weather, lush mountainside, and rich culture make it an ideal place for rest and renewal and a prime spot for The Cabin Chiang Mai’s rehab centre.
How to help an alcoholic family member 6 steps to recovery

How To Help An Alcoholic Family Member: A Six-step Guide

Learn how to effectively help an alcoholic family member with our comprehensive guide, detailing six transformative steps for healing and recovery.
Learn about the side effects of cocaine use

Effective Cocaine Abuse and Addiction Treatment

Learn about the problems of cocaine use and where to find effective cocaine abuse and addiction treatment in Thailand.
Drunk alcoholic man looking at whiskey glass

The Effects of Alcohol Intake on Your Body and Health

Learn about the effects of excessive alcohol intake on your body and health, and find out where to get professional help for alcohol addiction.
Mixing alcohol meth is a lethal combination for addiction

The Dangers of Mixing Meth and Alcohol

Learn about the dangers of mixing alcohol and meth and how The Cabin Chiang Mai offers a beacon of hope for those seeking rehabilitation.
A male employee holding a shot glass on his desk

The Impact of Alcoholism in the Workplace and How to Handle It

Alcoholism in the workplace has many hidden costs and can impact your company in several ways. Find out how to effectively deal with this issue.
Little girl cuddles up to her alcoholic dad

The Long-lasting Effects on Children of Having an Alcoholic Parent

Learn the multi-faceted effects on children of having alcoholic parents and how to mitigate their impact at The Cabin, Thailand’s premier rehab centre.
Many people like to party on weekends

Are Your Monday Hangovers a Sign of Too Much Drinking?

Learn some signs that your weekend drinking has gotten out of control, and you should seek an alcohol addiction treatment programme.
A young man surfing the Internet

Learning the Symptoms and Treatment of Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is a modern disease. The Internet and gadgets are ubiquitous in our increasingly digital-first society and are an integral part of our daily lives. This has led to an increase in Internet usage and consumption that has become uncontrollable and compulsive for some.