Why Being Sober is Cool

So you’re living in addiction recovery… Find out why being sober is cool, sexy and taking the world by storm.

Anyone who has entered addiction recovery, or decided to live a sober lifestyle, has encountered times when they feel their choice is outside the norm. It’s not surprising considering mainstream society often supports and even encourages drinking, gambling, and numerous other vices to help us relax from a stressful modern world. It’s also possible that while you were still using you thought sobriety was completely boring and couldn’t imagine how someone could live life completely sober.

But the truth is – being sober is the new cool – and here’s why:

  • You have more time for personal passions.When you are sober, all the time and energy you previously spent on substances—going out, obtaining your drug of choice, recovering from hangovers and feelings of regret—can now be spent on pursuing personal passions. People who are passionate about something – whether it’s sports, the environment, health and beauty, art or anything else -are cool.
  • You have more time for fulfilling relationships.All this newly found spare time means that you also have more time to spend with friends and family. You actually show up when you say you’re going to, you’re able to make and keep plans, and being sober significantly improves the quality and depth of your relationships. No longer are you out getting wasted with your buddies and not remembering anything, meaning you can build better, more fulfilling relationships with those around you.
  • You look great.Your skin is clearer and brighter, and no matter what you weigh – if you are sober you’re bound to look and feel healthier. You probably exercise more and limit your exposure to high calorie bar foods. You get better sleep and age slower, which means no dark circles and less wrinkles. Even one episode of binge drinking negatively affects your health—which is why being sober contributes to a physical heath that makes you shine.
  • You have interesting hobbies.Sober people have fun and interesting hobbies. You actually do things like attend yoga classes, make crafts with recycled goods, or read interesting books that you can later have good discussions about. You like to try cool new activities like making fancy recipes or rock climbing. You like to have fun, (and actually remember it) or have even something to show for it at the end of the night.
  • You actually have money.Being sober lends itself to saving money. Just think of all that money you used to spend partying – can now be saved for more productive activities! Going for day trips to the next city, investing in a new bicycle or car, or splurging on a great meal at a new restaurant, are just a few things you can do with your newly saved cash that are super cool. Being more financially stable keeps you ahead of the game and affords you exciting opportunities.
  • You’re tough.If you are in recovery, you know there is not much that is more difficult that getting and staying sober. Being sober makes you tough – you have overcome fear and uncertainty, you have a past that you’ve come face to face with, you have persevered against addiction – and now you’re on top.
  • You have mental clarity and drive to go after what you want.There’s nothing sexier than a woman or man who knows what they want and goes for it. Being sober gives you a mental clarity to first figure out what it is you want, and then the energy to obtain it. You want to start a blog, run a 5K, open a new business, go back to school– if you’re sober you are much more likely to go for whatever it is you want and be successful.
  • You’re not making a fool of yourself by doing totally uncool things.Like drinking and driving or sending texts you regret. There is no asking “what did I do last night?”  Once you’re sober you realize that being the life of the party – or rather drunk, loud, and over the top – is actually not so cool. Neither is passing out in random places, losing all your money, or suffering from mild to moderate states of amnesia.
  • You help people.Addiction can be an extremely selfish disease. When you’re sober, you find yourself more genuinely interested in other people. You have more energy to share a helping hand. You’re more mindful of the needs and feelings of others. If your friend is sick, instead of egging them on to come out anyways, you drop by with a good movie and cough drops. You use your past and experience to help others get better. People who help other people from a place of thoughtfulness and care are awesome!
  • You’re confident in yourself.After some time being sober, you have done the work to become comfortable in your own skin, just as you are. Confidence is one of the sexiest characteristics out there. And if anyone deserves to have confidence in themselves, it’s someone who has decided to and does successfully live a sober life.

Being Sober is more than Cool

Sober is cool, but not only that, sober people are some of the most caring, sexy, and interesting people out there. Especially as a young adult, being sober can seem at odds with social norms. But there are many ways that being sober makes you a great person to be around:

  • Living sober allows you to be healthier, both mentally and physically.
  • You don’t pollute your body with toxins, you get quality sleep, and you never have a hangover.
  • You are more thoughtful about your actions and words – which makes for a great friend.
  • You are in touch with who you are without using drugs and alcohol to hide your anxiety and fears. And this – this will allow you to exude an ultra sexy confidence.
  • You are successful, strong, and passionate.

Recovery is a more than abstaining from using drugs and alcohol; it is a lifestyle driven towards health, happiness and living life to its fullest. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction and wants to learn more about living a sober life – there is help available. Getting sober could be the best decision you have ever made.

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