The road that leads to life is through heart change

There are many mysteries in life that science has not been able to completely explain, and the physiological dynamics of the human body is one of these. One interesting example is that of the human heart, which is responsible for the management of the circulatory system. Yet, there appears to be a deeper function for this major human organ, other than just a highly sophisticated pump. Many doctors throughout the world who have done heart transplants have had reports of patients taking on certain preferences, attitudes, behaviors, and most interesting of all-memories, of the donor. Donees all of a sudden have cravings for cigarettes and certain foods that they have never had before, as well as switching from being right-handed to left-handed, and vice-versa. The most profound story was that of a girl who received a heart from another girl who had been murdered. The girl who received the heart began having memories and images of the traumatic events that led up to the donor’s death. Through this cellular memory, the girl was able to help police convict the heart donor’s neighbor for rape and murder.

So we can probably assume that it is more than just symbolic to say “put your heart into it,” or “with all your heart,” in regard to committing to something. The same holds true in commitment to achieving sobriety, and the commitment must come from a three-dimensional paradigm that includes the mind, emotions and physical aspects of the human condition. In other words, a deep acknowledgment of your human fragileness and recognition of your flawed character of human nature must be your attitude in conjunction with attending support meetings and social events, geared towards sobriety. Submitting to the fact that selfish desires need to be sacrificed in exchange for permanent clean and sober living will set you on the right road and this kind of commitment will lead you towards finding your purpose in life. This is important in getting and staying sober, and it is sometimes not so obvious when you have been wandering aimlessly for years on end. In the process of changing one’s behavior, there will also be a change in one’s activities and relationships which hopefully will lead to a desire to try new things and experience different things. This doesn’t usually happen right away as people shedding the addictive lifestyle have to let go of old hangouts, locations, and people that will only suck them back into the old addictive ways.

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