The Effects of an Addiction to Stimulants

Addictions to prescription medications attract a great deal of attention throughout the world, but still, stimulant addictions have remained one of the most common dependencies that rehabs deal with throughout the world. There are various types of stimulants, but the desired effects are similar; those being an increase in energy and alertness, a greater ability to pay attention. Some individuals also use stimulants because they can cause weight loss. What many people are unaware of or ignore is that stimulants are extremely addictive and have detrimental health effects.

The Most Abused Stimulants


Ephedrine is found in many types of medicines throughout the world. Truck drivers and students may take it to stay awake or alert. It is often thought that this stimulant is safer than others; such as, meth or cocaine. In fact, it is just as addicting and harmful as other stimulant drugs and has been known to cause strokes, heart attacks, and death. Many governments have or are looking into increasing regulations on this drug.


Most people are familiar with cocaine; it is one of the most used stimulants in the world and is very addictive. Heavy cocaine use or addiction can cause serious financial and psychological problems as well as health consequences that include brain damage and death.


Methamphetamine or crystal meth is perhaps one of the fastest growing stimulants, if not drugs in general, in the world. Some addicts have said that they became addicted to meth after their first use. The intense rush caused by the drug is short lived, making an individual want to use frequently. This stimulant is highly destructive to a person’s mental and physical health and to those around them.


Not to be confused with methamphetamine, these stimulants are slightly different. Methamphetamine is stronger than amphetamines. Amphetamine is the parent drug of methamphetamine and acts differently on the body, but is still just as harmful and just as addicting. This stimulant has been around longer and is found in various medications; however, because the effects are not as strong as meth, many people who begin to abuse amphetamines will at some point turn to methamphetamine for the stronger effects.

Short Term Effects

There are many short term effects caused by stimulants. Irregular breathing or shortness of breath can occur after the intense rush of energy. The user’s blood pressure and heart rate may become elevated causing potentially serious situations. Additionally a stimulant user may feel exhaustion, depressed, and apathetic. The exhaustion may cause the user to want to use the drug again just to feel energized; this only furthers their addiction.

Long Term Effects

Long term affects aside from tolerance and addiction, include hostility, aggression, and paranoia. These behaviors or mood swings are a good way to spot a stimulant addiction. Stimulants cause a great deal of strain on the user’s heart. This can cause an irregular heartbeat, heart failure, and even death. Additionally many people who abuse or have an addiction to stimulants will have lost a dramatic amount of weight and may also lack personal hygiene.

A Rehab Will Help

A stimulant addiction is very serious, it is important that anyone who is battling this debilitating disease to seek out professional help at a rehab center. A rehab will give the addict the best opportunity at healing their addiction and reclaiming their life.

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