Symptoms of a marijuana addiction

Are you wondering if a close friend, family member, or even you have an addiction to marijuana? As with other addictions, there are two symptoms that every addict will have: loss of control and the inability to stop. This article will explain the symptoms of a marijuana addiction.

An addiction to marijuana is different, than say an addiction to heroin or cocaine; it is almost completely psychological. There are many symptoms of a marijuana addiction; listed below are some of the most easily recognisable ones.

Symptom 1: Try Quitting and Fail

It can be incredibly difficult to quit any kind of habit; it can prove even more difficult for those suffering from an addiction. Many people have realised that smoking is not good for them and would like to discontinue using. However, it is common for addicts to relapse within the first 72 hours of quitting. This is normally because they are having withdrawal or they feel that they are unable to function without the drug.

Symptom 2: Lack of Motivation

Having a lack of motivation is common amongst users, especially those that have been smoking for a long period of time. Lacking motivation can have an effect on relationships, work, and even the health of the individual. Research is showing that a lack of motivation in long term users may possibly be linked to chemicals in the brain. They believe that these chemicals regulate a person’s mood; over time they gradually change.

Symptom 3: Depression

Depression is one of the most common psychological problems that people suffer from. Some users can become depressed when they use marijuana, others become depressed when the try to stop. Depression is linked to unbalanced chemicals in the brain and to an individual’s environment. People who are experiencing difficult problems may use marijuana to escape them; as a result they only further “bury” these problems and develop or become even more depressed.

Symptom 4: Anger

Marijuana alters a person’s mood. Some people use this drug to alter their feelings of anger and rage. Instead of figuring out why they are angry, they turn to marijuana as a short term solution. If a person is frequently struggling with anger and rage and turns to marijuana to escape, they may develop an addiction and even more problems especially when they try to quit.

Symptom 5: Anxiety

People with an addiction to marijuana may become very anxious when they try to quit. Some users develop such strong anxiety that they are unable to keep their mind of marijuana; this leads them to relapse.

Symptom 6: Problems in a Relationship

When a person is addicted to marijuana, they may find themselves having relationship problems with their partner, friends, or family. They may struggle to interact with people who do not use and distance themselves from those that care about them.

Symptom 7: Irresponsible Priorities

Many people with an addiction become irresponsible and change their priorities. An individual should pay their bills on time and make sure that they or their loved ones are properly taken care of. In the case of addiction, these things are put to the side and marijuana is the main importance. If the user cannot afford getting high, but buys the drug anyways; there is a good chance that they have an addiction.

Symptom 8: Excuses

Individuals addicted to marijuana may come up with any excuse to smoke. They may say they need it to work, they need it to study, they need it to keep them happy, etc. These excuses are psychological and the addiction is controlling them.

Symptom 9: Defensive

Those with an addiction may become defensive or even aggressive whenever someone tries to confront them about their marijuana use. Instead of realizing that the person is trying to help, offer advice, or point out the problems, the user may blame the concerned person for their use, say inappropriate comments, or become overly defensive.

Symptom 10: “I NEED IT!”

If an individual feels that they absolutely need marijuana not just to get high, but because their life will fall apart without it or they cannot get through their daily life without smoking, then it is highly likely that they are addicted.

A Psychological Addiction

A psychological addiction is just as harmful if not even more harmful than a physical addiction. A marijuana addiction is not something to take lightly. It can destroy a user’s life and those closest to them.

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