Signs of ketamine (special k) use

Ketamine is also known as special k, and it is a tranquilizer used by veterinarians. It comes in a powder or liquid form and is commonly used as a recreational drug. Ketamine, special k, can become addicting if the user chooses not to quit. Frequent users may have problems keeping a steady job. There are many visible signs that a person will exhibit when they are using the drug.

Signs of Ketamin (Special K) Use

Sign 1: Money

Ketamine, special k, can be an expensive habit. Tolerance to the drug can quickly develop and an addiction is soon to follow. Oftentimes users will spend a lot of their money, if not all of it, on the drug. They may make up nonsense excuses for reasons to borrow money from family or friends. People who have an addiction to the drug may begin to steal money and objects to sell in order to get high.

Sign 2: Paraphernalia

Ketamine, special k, is most commonly snorted, but it can be injected or smoked. Certain paraphernalia associated with the drug is a sign of ketamine, special k, use may vary depending on how the user gets high with the drug. When special k is snorted, a user may have several pieces of straw or hollow tubing. They may have trays, small mirrors, and plastic cards to crush up the drug into a fine powder. If it is injected or smoked, the user may have glass pipes, lighters, needles, syringes, and tourniquets. If these are found in combination, it is a big sign that the person may be using ketamine, special k.

Sign 3: Physical

There are several physical signs that will be visible in a user of ketamine, special k. A user may have slurred speech, confusion, constant sniffling, and immobility. They may have a constant lack of coordination, an elevated pulse, or increase in body temperature. Additional physical signs of ketamine, special k, use include: nervousness, dry mouth, and nausea or vomiting.

Sign 4: Behavioral

A user’s behavior may change when they are using ketamine, special k. These behavioral changes are normally very noticeable, and can be an obvious sign of use. The user may have impaired memory, difficulties speaking, and a decreased attention span. They may also become erratic and paranoia. Ketamine, special k, users who have a dependence or tolerance to the drug will do anything to get it. The person may leave at odd times of the day with random excuses that make no sense. They may lie or steal to get high. Users often hang out with other users; a sign of use is also a change of friends.

Not Just One Sign

When a person suspects someone they know is using ketamine, special k, they should never only look for one sign. Before bring their use of the drug to attention, they should try to find as many using signs as possible. Sometimes this may be difficult, because the user may know how to hide their drug use. They may spend a lot of time alone or away from people they know that do not use.

If there are several signs that are occurring at once, it is likely that this person is involved in ketamine, special k, use. Once this is established, it is important for the concerned person to research the drug and the treatment options available. If attention can be brought to the situation quickly, there will be a less likely chance for the situation to escalate.

The Right Treatment

When a person is using ketamine, special k, it can be very difficult to stop. Occasional use can quickly turn into abuse, a tolerance can develop, and the person may become dependent or addicted to the drug. In dependent and addictive users, the detrimental effects of ketamine, special k, can take months or years to wear off. It is important for a user to get the right treatment at a rehab. In doing so, they can get their life back on the right track. If you know someone who is showing multiple signs of ketamine, special k, use and you want to get help for them, contact The Cabin Chiang Mai today.

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