Fear of going to an addiction rehab

One of the most common reasons for an addict not wanting to go to rehab is that they fear that there will be damaging social or career related effects. A recent study showed that nearly 8 million people with a drug or alcohol addiction never wanted to get help at a rehab because they feared what other people may think. Not only are these people damaging their physical and mental health, but they are also putting their safety and the safety of others at risk.

Understanding the Fear

Because there are so many addicts who have a fear of going to a rehab or getting some sort of help, it is important to understand why they have these fears. A large amount of people with an addiction feel that if they enter a rehab, they will be fired from their jobs. Many of these people have jobs that would allow them to get treatment; however, the fear prevents them from engaging with the employer about the topic.

It Is Exaggerated

Professionals have recently stated that many people’s fears are often far greater than the realities they are facing are; therefore the person exaggerates the situation in their mind.

An Example

An example of this might be the following: a person has an addiction to Vicodin, they may feel guilty and afraid that other people will judge them for their problem. Of course, some addicts do experience negative reactions from coworkers and employers, but in most cases, the reaction of other people is not nearly as bad as the addict anticipates. Most of the time, people are happy to hear that the addict has a desire to get help and is willing to go to a rehab.

Don’t Leave the Addiction Untreated

An addict must remember that they have to take care of their physical and mental health. Statistics show that people are usually able to keep their jobs if they enter a rehab versus if they continue having a fear of getting help; therefore, leaving their addiction untreated.

A Turn for the Worst

If a person has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, eventually their life will take a turn for the worst. Everything may seem to spin out of control and unravel. Eventually most addicts will lose their job because of poor performance and attendance. Eventually most people with an addiction will be unable to hold down any type of job.

Getting Past the Fear

Getting past the fear of going to rehab and actually getting help, will make all the difference in the world not only with the actual addict, but their friends, family, and their career.

Taking Care of the Addiction

In order for an addict to get past the fear of going to rehab, they must develop a healthy support system. Rehab, various addiction groups, and extended care programs will all offer the addict support and advice for getting through rehab and recovery.

A Better Life

When a person is able to get over their fear of going to a rehab and they receive treatment for their addiction, they not only have a better chance at keeping their current job, but they also will have the opportunity at getting a better job or advancing once they have left rehab. The person will experience a better life.

Out of Area Rehab

If an addict has such a fear of going to rehab because they are afraid of family, friends, or their employer finding out, they should consider going to an out of state or out of country rehab. When an addict goes to a rehab outside of their local area, there is less risk of people finding out.

They can take a leave of absence, or use sick or vacation time if there is enough available. An addict will never be forced to give a reason why they need to take time off; they can simply say it is for personal reasons.

After Rehab

Once the person has completed rehab and have begun to recover from their addiction, they can go back to work or school. At night it may help to visit an outpatient rehab or counseling sessions. It is also very useful to find a support group that has other people going through the same experience. These groups can be useful as they can help an addict in recovery gain a new perspective on their own situation by listening to other people talk about their experiences with addiction.

Remember, Never Fear Rehab

An addict should never have to have fears of going to rehab because of what other people may think. They must be able to get past these fears by realizing they are probably exaggerated. The most important thing is that they get past their addiction and get back their life.

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