Cocaine and alcohol a dangerous combination part1

Cocaine and alcohol are two of the most popular drugs on this planet. Both cause desirable effects, and both are addicting. In the last thirty years, researchers have found that when cocaine and alcohol is mixed, a third and highly dangerous drug is created in the body. This drug is called cocaethylene and is the subject of many drug awareness programs and the main discussion amongst professionals in the drug addiction and treatment industry.

A Dangerous Combination 

Many people who use cocaine, like to mix it with alcohol. This is because not only does the combination seem to create more intense effects, but cocaine can help “lift” a person up when the alcohol begins to make them feel down and tired. When these two drugs are taken in combination, the user’s body starts to host a cocktail of dangerous substances that can be fatal. When the drugs pass through the bloodstream and enters the liver, a new drug called cocaethylene is created. This third drug acts as an amplifier to the effects but is also toxic to the liver and places extreme strain on the user’s heart.

Not Being Aware or Ignoring the Issue 

The biggest problem is that many users are unaware of this dangerous combination or are aware, but ignore it all together. Researchers are desperately trying to find more about cocaethylene, but as of now, very little is known, except that it can kill and is the only known example of the body forming a third drug following the ingestion of two others. Many health experts agree that the combination of cocaine and alcohol is becoming a troubling issue that must be addressed.

Karen Colgan Speaks About the Dangers 

“We are seeing more young people using cocaine and alcohol,…they don’t see it as a problem, because they are just using at weekends…they do it to increase the effects of cocaine, but we have found cases where young people are getting heart palpitations and then going and playing Sunday football.”

Karen Colgan, Operator of a Treatment Agency in the UK 

In the United States 

In the United States, a survey estimated that nearly 5 million people used alcohol and cocaine each month. Officials are aware of the growing use and are trying to find a way to address the situation. Officials feel that it is difficult to raise awareness about the dangers because mixing cocaine and alcohol is seen as being ok and the thing to do. Many professionals in the drug and alcohol rehab industry are strongly disagreeing. Most agree that there needs to be put more money into research, awareness programs, and taking it out of the Hollywood movies, as the ‘cool thing’.

Inside Bars and Clubs, the Combination is Gaining Popularity 

Recent research into the use of drugs and alcohol inside of bars in clubs has turned up some surprising results. Research is still going on and more evidence needs to be collected, but it looks like alcohol is being mixed with cocaine throughout bars and clubs in the United States, Canada, UK, and many other countries around the world. Over the last few years the combination has been gaining popularity and many professionals are asking why alcohol and cocaine being accepted by so many people? Some believe it is just a new trend in the bar and club scene, while others are taken the issue more serious and trying to create awareness on the dangers of a potentially deadly combination of alcohol and cocaine.

Teenagers and Young Adults 

Many teenagers and young adults have reported that they use and like the combination of cocaine and alcohol, and so do their friends. It is known that minors in most countries can obtain alcohol and drugs almost as easy as adults, and just as easy as adults in some countries. Many teenagers and young adults do not know the dangers of alcohol and drugs; they just know that they are ‘not suppose to use them’. Some have spent time in drug awareness programs or their parents have spent time on the issue of alcohol and drugs. Most of the ones that reported using alcohol and cocaine in combination had never learned it was a dangerous combination; most had never learned anything about drugs and alcohol that did not come from television. Many of them also reported that television portrays actors and actresses using both and have a ‘great time’.

These results startled professionals and most agree that more awareness must take place inside of schools. Educating them will help not only when they are still teenagers and young adults but also help when they do become an adult.

Cocaine and Alcohol: A Dangerous Combination Part 2

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