5 Fun Creative Activities to Do in Recovery After Treatment for Addiction

How can I have fun? This is one of the most common questions that a recovering addict will ask at a detox centre or during treatment for addiction. This is because when the addict was drinking alcohol or using drugs, having fun most likely involved their substance of choice.

Their life revolved around their addiction, now that the addict is in recovery after being at a detox centre or treatment for addiction, it is as if they hit a brick wall when it comes to keeping themselves occupied. Having fun is an important part of life for any person, but especially those in recovery.

All too often, a recovering addict will struggle with boredom which can lead to frustration and depression and eventually a relapse because that is the only thing they know to keep them busy. To add to the situation, many times, the recovering addict will live in a desolate area where there is simply not enough creative stimulation, or on the other hand, one or two hobbies may simply not be enough. Perhaps you can relate to the above situations, if so, below are 5 fun creative activities that you can do to keep yourself busy in recovery after leaving your detox centre or finishing the first stages of your treatment for addiction.

Fun Recovery Activity 1: Learn a Musical Instrument

Before you think that learning a musical instrument is too hard, too expensive, or that you are too old, try to reconsider. Musical instruments not only consist of guitars, percussion, keyboards, and trumpets. In fact, there are over 2,000 instruments from throughout the world to choose from! They come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and sounds; some are in truth difficult to learn while others can be self taught with everyday practice. Learning a musical instrument can be a rewarding experience that will help you during your recovery, boost your confidence, and will allow you to constantly learn and grow. Musical therapy is often used in treatment for addiction as part of a detox centre’s treatment programme.

Fun Recovery Activity 2: Cook

With the thousands of recipe sites on the internet, there is bound to be something that you would love to try and make yourself. From cakes and cookies to exotic world dishes full of colour and flavour, there is something for everyone. You could get really creative and choose a different cultural dish each day for 30 days; read a bit about that culture and then make a dish from that part of the world! Not only will this allow you to get excited about trying new things, but also you will obtain new knowledge about places that you may have not previously known. At The Cabin Chiang Mai, a treatment for addiction and detox centre in Asia, they give clients the opportunity to learn how to cook Asian dishes with Asian chefs to help find a new passion.

Fun Recovery Activity 3: Express Yourself

Art is a great way to express your innermost feelings. From painting, to drawing, wood carving, to sculpturing; there are numerous forms of art. All too common, people believe that what they may create is not good enough to be considered art; this is an untrue statement because each and every persons idea of art and what is ‘good’ or ‘not good’ is going to be different. If you have the desire or even plain curiosity to create something that has a significant meaning to you, then by all means go for it!

Fun Recovery Activity 4: Paint

Art therapy is often used as treatment for addiction at many detox centres. It is common for people to have a desire to paint, but oftentimes, they do not because a lack of canvas or other art supplies. Painting goes back thousands of years, and we humans did not always have access to major art stores. So while you could run out to one of these stores, buy the supplies, and paint whatever it is that you want to express, there are other creative alternatives. Why not paint on stones, un-rotting bark or wood, tiles, or anything else that makes a suitable ‘canvas’. Some artist can make a very rewarding career from this. You could research your local area, find out what kind of natural dyes are around, and make your own paint. This is a sure fire way to keep you occupied and have a satisfying recovery!

Fun Recovery Activity 5: Take a Class

When you see the word class, do you have a flashback of learning things that you had trouble finding interesting or school quizzes and exams? Well, there are thousands of subjects that you can learn after your treatment for addiction. For example, there are classes on how to become an illusionist, learn robotics, sailing, dancing, astronomy, survival, and there are hundreds upon hundreds more to choose from. Many, if not most, do not require a degree and can be found offline and online. Chances are if you have an interest in learning about something you can find a class on it!

So, there you have it, 5 creative fun activities that you can do throughout your addiction recovery to keep you busy, learning, and most importantly sober. They will truly open up doors of opportunity and perceptions while offering some gratifying experiences.

Enjoy, and let us know how one of these fun activities helped as part of or after your treatment for addiction or helped you in your recovery!

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