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Lee Daniel Hawker-Lecesne (MPsS) CLINICAL DIRECTOR
Education: Anglia Ruskin University

Education Anglia Ruskin University, University of Bath, The Open University

“We Are The Cabin.”

Lee is a Registered Member of the British Psychological Society, and has graduated from Anglia Ruskin University in the UK with a degree in behavioural science and a postgraduate from the University of Bath with a clinical focus on addictions.  Lee is a recognized thought leader in the field of addiction and mental health, and has authored dozens of articles in this space and has shared his knowledge across the broader community

After working for a decade in the field of addiction and mental health treatment in the UK, Lee worked at The Cabin from 2012-2019 in several roles: as a therapist, undertaking clinical assessments and overseeing the management of complex cases. 

After the COVID-19 pandemic that saw a hiatus of the business from 2020-2022, Lee has currently overseen the redesign and relaunch of The Cabin. In 2022 he was given the remit of redesigning The Cabin of 2011 to incorporate current clinical advances – and asked to recreate the energy and magic that The Cabin was famous for in its halcyon period of 2011-2016. 

Lee brings a diverse clinical skillset to The Cabin where he passionately delivers strategic, policy, clinical and ethical oversight to The Cabin Inpatient Services and across the entire program. Lee has designed and implemented The Cabin’s pioneering new trauma-informed addiction program, The Kintsugi trauma program, the disordered eating program, and the adolescents program.

The new dynamic clinical team at The Cabin was selected by Lee for their energy as well as their clinical competencies. The team Lee has brought together has received high praise from clients and fellow professionals alike. The nine-strong team is multidisciplinary in its structure and comprises all new staff.

“This is The Cabin” and ‘We are The Cabin’ are the words that set The Cabin and us as a team apart. These words mean something to us” says Lee. “If you’re lucky enough to work here, you’ll hear them said often on a near daily basis, with a sense of pride and reverence”

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