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Perhaps you or someone you know has recently completed treatment at a rehab centre for a drug or alcohol addiction; if so, you will know that during this time staying on the right track is of the upmost importance.

With longer days and summer right around the corner there are many fun activities that you can do to keep you occupied. By remaining active you can not only have some fun, but get fit and most importantly, continue on the sober path of life.

Below are some fun activities that you can do during the upcoming warm months to keep you occupied.

Do Some Crafts

Take a trip to your local arts and craft store and find some supplies that catch your eye. There are numerous crafts that are fun and can keep you occupied for hours. Some examples include paper mache, candle making, and macramé. If you like working with wood or building things, try to build a bird feeder or a bat house, after building it don’t forget to paint and hang them outside your place.

Try a New Sport

Getting fit during recovery is important, so why not try out some new sports over the summer. There are many options that you can choose from; try an evening bike ride or a morning swim at your local gym. You may also want to check local community boards to see what is going on at nearby parks. Getting outside and keeping active can ward off any negative feelings or depression that could be a potential threat to your sobriety.

Stimulate your Brain

Exercising your brain can do wonders for your memory as well as any cognitive thinking that you are involved in. Reading books, especially those that are educational, working on puzzles, and playing simple math games have been proven to increase the IQ, so why not get involved! If this does not sound interesting to you, you may also try learning a new language or a new subject that you have always wanted to know about. Do something motivational and stimulating every day, you will see positive results faster than you may think!

Become Social by Volunteering

During this summer get social, and not just with your newfound sober friends, but also people that you may not know. For example, try volunteering at a local soup kitchen or bake some cookies and take them to a nearby retirement home. These activities can not only make you feel good, but can put a big smile on other people’s faces. You can speak with a group leader of any recovery meeting to see if they could give you any recommendations for volunteering.

Go Camping

Many areas throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, the USA, and other countries have designated campgrounds in and around parks. Get some gear together and go camping; build a fire and cook food over it and wake up early in the morning to observe the sunrise and birds. Camping can be a rewarding and relaxing activity that can put a lasting smile on your face; do enjoy!

For some people, finding something to do can be difficult. This may be because they feel it is childish or has no meaning. If this is you, what is important to remember is that there is no such thing as a ‘childish or meaningless’ activity. As long as it has a meaning for you then go for it.

If you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol and would like to begin a new journey on a sober path, please contact The Cabin Chiang Mai today. We are a rehabilitation centre that can help you to take that positive step to live a happy and sober life.

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