Addiction Treatment in Thailand - The Cabin Chiang Mai is Asia’s Best and Most Respected Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre

Located in a private riverside location just outside the beautiful city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, our pioneering and effective inpatient addiction treatment model has seen us gain an exemplary reputation amongst medical professionals and the wider rehabilitation community as a world-class alcohol, drug and process addiction (i.e. gambling) rehab centre equal to, or better than, the best private addiction rehabs in the West. Focusing on substance abuse and the underlying mental health issues such as depression and anxiety that often accompany it, The Cabin offers effective inpatient treatment for alcohol, drug and process addictions. Simply the best addiction treatment in Thailand.

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Our Clients

Being recognised as the best drug rehab in the region, and one of the best drug rehab centres in the world, sees The Cabin attracting clients from all over the globe. However, our clients predominantly come from Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, USA and Middle East. These markets are supplemented by expats and locals from the South East Asia region including countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Thailand. We also work closely with a number of international and regional businesses helping their staff with addiction problems enter recovery and with training on addiction issues in the workplace. The Cabin Drug Rehab Centre offers an escape for these clients from their usual using environment as well as confidentiality and anonymity. To date, The Cabin has successfully treated over 1,300 clients since opening its doors in late 2009 making it the leading addiction rehab in Thailand.

For more information on alcohol and drug rehab and your country, please visit our International Clients page i.e Australian Alcohol Rehab or Australian Drug Rehab.

Our Team

The Cabin's drug rehab team has over 80 years of combined experience in treating drug and alcohol addictions enabling us to provide our clients with the best addiction rehab care available anywhere in Asia. The Cabin boasts a highly-experienced and qualified team of Australian and UK trained psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors. All our counsellors are DANOS (UK Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards equivalent to CADC) accredited and licensed addiction counsellors. Our in-house medical care and 24-hour nursing conforms with highest international standards and is under the supervision of Thailand's foremost expert on addiction and detoxification. Our counsellors and medical staff are supported by teams of professional and dedicated support staff, fitness staff and reception staff and represent the best in addiction treatment in Thailand.

Our inpatient drug rehab program combines:

  • A modern, world class inpatient alcohol and drug rehab treatment program that employs intelligent, holistic, non-religious treatment methods which are accessible to people of all cultures and beliefs.
  • Accompanying Alcohol detox and Drug detox where necessary.
  • Treatment of Dual Diagnosis such as anxiety and depression as well as Trauma and Addiction
  • Professional UK and Australian trained and qualified psychologists and counsellors overseen by a full time clinical psychiatrist specialising in addiction and dual diagnosis.
  • Charming individual accommodation in a tranquil riverside setting just outside Chiang Mai in Thailand it offers a range of facilities with world renowned Thai hospitality, making The Cabin the most beautiflul addiction rehab in Thailand.
  • Family Treatment Programme provided free of charge. Involving the family of the client in treatment leads to better outcomes.
  • Exceptional value for money at around a third of the cost of similar high quality drug rehab centres internationally.
  • Pro rata refund - We offer an industry-unique refund should a client choose to exit the program within the first 7 days of treatment. This demonstrates our confidence in the quality of our treatment program against other drug rehab centres.

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Aftercare Program at The Cabin Chiang Mai

Treatment Methods

Treatment Methods

Our drug and alcohol inpatient rehab programme uses intelligent modern holistic non-religious treatment methods to achieve lasting addiction recovery and cognitive and behavioral change...

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Our Team

Our Team

As Asia’s leading rehab centre, you can expect the same high level of care you would get anywhere else in the world. But you enjoy the renowned care and compassion of local Thai staff, too...

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Amazing Thailand has been one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for the past thirty years, located centrally and strategically at the crossroads of Asia...

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