Shabu Use in the Philippines & Shabu Addiction Treatment at The Cabin

Shabu use in the philippines shabu addiction treatment at the cabin

Shabu is the term for crystal meth in the Philippines. It is the drug of choice for 90% of the Filipino drug users. Shabu is commonly made from cheap medicines containing ephedrine. Police in the Philippines say that Shabu is often made in industrial style labs capable of producing over one ton per day.

Shabu use and addiction in the Philippines is incredibly high. It is a drug that is used in all social classes, low to high. Unfortunately, the laws are very strict and even for the smallest amount of this drug, the law states that the person must be sentenced to life in prison. Once a person is caught, there is nothing that anyone can do for them. It is important that a user gets help for their addiction at a rehab before they get caught.

In the Philippines, Shabu is a considerably cheap drug. A precinct located in the country was given a surprise drug test. Ultimately 69% of the people tested positive for drug use, mainly Shabu. Because it is such a popular drug of choice in the Philippines, it is important for people to recognise warning signs of use and understand that there is help available.

Signs of Shabu Use

Shabu is most commonly smoked in the Philippines. However, it can be crushed and snorted, injected, or swallowed. There are signs to look for in a person who uses this drug; such as, weight loss, heightened energy, excessive talking, and decreased fatigue. The user may be constantly thirsty, and drink fluids but still have dry lips. While high, the user may be awake for days at a time, once the drug wears off, the person will begin to crash. At this time they enter a stage known as ‘tweaking’. During this stage the Shabu user may become aggressive and even violent. They may become paranoid or confused and may sleep for a long period of time.

Long Term Effects of Shabu Use

Once a person becomes addicted to Shabu, there will be long lasting, harmful side effects. They may have rapid changes in their mood, disinterest in activities, hallucinations, paranoia, constant confusion, insomnia, violent thoughts, extreme weight loss, respiratory problems, inflammation of the lining in the heart, and it can be fatal. Treatment for Shabu Use Outside of the Philippines

There are only so many private rehabs in the Philippines, the rest are government ran. Some Filipinos may feel uncomfortable to go to a private rehab in their own country or do not want to go to the public rehabs. This may be because of shame or fear of people and the government finding out about their Shabu addiction.

The Cabin Chiang Mai Offers Treatment for Shabu Addiction

Shabu will destroy a user’s life, and everyone involved in it. It is important that a user gets treatment at a rehab. The Philippines is only a short flight to Thailand and here a person can relax and get treatment at our private rehab. Beating an addiction to this drug is not easy, but with the right treatment and proper support it can be done.

We understand that family, in the Philippines, means everything. We encourage our patients to work on their relationships with their families. Chiang Mai, Thailand is affordable, so we encourage our patient’s families to come and stay in the city while their loved one is in treatment.

Get Clean and Remain Clean

We will help the patient to get clean and remain clean, as well as help them to build new sober life goals. Patients will learn recovery tools and techniques that they can use when they return back to the Philippines.

Shabu use and addiction in the Philippines is a serious concern, so we take it seriously. The Cabin Chiang Mai is an affordable private rehab where users can get treatment and become free from this horrible addiction, while feeling at ease from others finding out. If you or someone you know has an addiction to Shabu, contact The Cabin Chiang Mai today.