Working with the Addiction Treatment Community

Working with the Addiction Treatment Community

At The Cabin, we aim to advance understanding of addiction through information and resource sharing and collaboration with other industry professionals. We work closely with universities, government bodies, counselling practices, referring doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and interventionists as well as a host of other figures in the addiction treatment community.

The Cabin is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Health and our internationally accredited clinicians, board-certified psychiatrist, team of British, American and Australian-trained psychologists, and 24-hour nursing staff are all fully committed to protecting and enhancing our reputation as the leading addiction treatment centre in the region, and one of the best in the world.

As part of The Cabin Group, a global leader in addiction and behavioural health treatment with facilities around the world, The Cabin is connected to many addiction networks we can leverage to advance our common goals.

Referring a Client to The Cabin

Our Relationship Manager is dedicated to handling the entire referral process to ensure smooth communication and transitions for all involved parties.

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Addiction Specialists at The Cabin

The Cabin’s Western-trained and licensed professional rehab counselling team has many decades combined experience in treating drug, alcohol and process addictions.

The counselling team is complemented by a full-time medical staff specialised in addiction treatment comprised of a prominent psychiatrist, several psychologists and nursing staff who are onsite 24 hours, 7 days a week. The ratio of clinical staff to clients is one to one and overall the centre boasts 120 full-time staff members.

What We Treat

The Cabin treats all addictions, including process addictions such as gambling, sex and food. We specialise in the following areas:

  • Alcohol and Drug Addiction – The Cabin is widely recognized for effective addiction treatment; our programme boasts a 96% completion rate.
  • Food Disorder – Our pioneering The Changing Pathways treatment model allows us to comprehensively treat disorders such as food for which complete abstinence may not be possible. Our programme is supplemented by physical therapy to put clients back on the road to good health.
  • Youth and Addiction – The Edge, our revolutionary programme for young men, uses the hardships of Muay Thai boxing, triathlon training and wilderness adventure as cornerstones of recovery. Clients receive group and individual therapy designed specifically for youth and have the option to step down and extend their programme, becoming mentors for future participants.
  • Sex Addiction – The Cabin Chiang Mai is specialised and experienced in treating sex addiction through a combination of therapeutic approaches, mindfulness and fitness therapy. Our tranquil inpatient setting ensures clients have complete confidentiality, receive constant care and are removed from their triggers.
  • Trauma and PTS – We understand that many people who suffer from addiction also meet the criteria for PTS, and use a multi-faceted approach to co-treat addiction and trauma disorders.

Previous and Ongoing Work with Addiction Professionals

Some of The Cabin Chiang Mai’s work with addiction professionals includes:

  • Ongoing participation at leading addiction conferences worldwide including WCSAD, UKESAD, and APBAM; keynote addresses by our senior clinical team
  • Conducting training for various government health departments including Thailand and The Maldives, with their respective medical and nursing staff working in the addiction field
  • Press appearances by the senior clinical team designed to raise awareness of the causes of addiction and its treatment globally, and in the SE Asian region specifically
  • Collaboration with various universities in order to train their medical and counselling students and to further research in the field of addiction
  • Hosting conferences for addiction professionals from around the globe to share knowledge and create meaningful partnerships
  • Contributions to addiction treatment research publications