Sober House Living in one of Asia’s Best Cities

Sober House Living in one of Asia’s Best Cities

Sober House Living in one of Asia’s Best Cities

The Cabin’s Sober House in Chiang Mai City is the next stage after completing detox and primary treatment. Here clients practice living in a therapeutic environment with a program that includes freedom and choice to manage their time and day-to-day lives. It is a natural progression and an opportunity for our clients to apply what they have learned in primary care in the community – safely and with support. This is recognised as an important transitional stage in recovery for addicts and alcoholics. It can also be seen as a reward for all their hard work whilst in primary treatment. Evidence has proved that there are far better treatment outcomes for clients that attend residential aftercare programs – and that this is a highly successful evidence-based recovery pathway.

At the house the clients learn to provide one another with support, while still attending regular group therapy sessions and one-on-one counselling with Cabin staff. They take responsibility for their own recovery by attending recovery meetings, meditation sessions with a monk, and do written Step work and other assignments. They get involved in service activities such as volunteering to teach English to novice monks and school children, and volunteering with a dog rescue organisation amongst others. They also take up Thai language classes, and participate in physical activities such as wall climbing, cycling, football and golf, and other team building and bonding exercises.

The clients are also free to explore other activities such as music, yoga, art classes or formal study. Senior members of the Sober Living House are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at The Cabin as peer support as a way of building self-esteem through supporting others.

By the time the client moves on from the Sober Living House, they will have been provided with a firm basis on which to base the next stage of their recovery. They will have developed new interests, new or revived hopes, goals and dreams, and have had support in learning how to deal with challenges that can arise and threaten their sobriety. This is a unique opportunity for continued growth in one of the most exciting and vibrant cities of Southeast Asia.

Sober Living Program

The Sober Living Program at Sober House has been designed to allow clients the opportunity to reenter society as responsible citizens who can make meaningful contributions to it while maintaining their new “clean” status in a relatively protected environment – before they head back to the “real world”. The weekly program is a mix of on-going therapeutic support, voluntary work and enjoyable social activities

Goal Setting Meeting: Held on Mondays to set the agenda for the week – as to the type of activities clients would like to participate in and the house roles they would assume such as House Chief, Sunday Night Cook, etc. Clients then share how they feel that day and where they are in their recovery.

Teach English: Clients can volunteer to teach young novice monks to speak English at a local Buddhist school for novice monks in Mae Rim district – ideal for those interested in exploring Buddhism and interacting with Thai people

Fun Group Activity: Mini-excursions, rock-climbing, waterfall hiking, kayaking and bowling – these activities give clients a chance to do things as a group, which helps to create a stronger bond among the House’s family members.

Creative Visualization Workshop: During this workshop clients will learn how to manage their minds through guided visualization exercises – a powerful technique to help people change negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that is especially effective in recovery. Clients are also introduced to life coaching tools to enable them to deal with challenges that may threaten their sobriety.

Local AA Meeting: A local AA meeting at Tanyarak Hospital or other venue attended by recovering alcoholics from the Thai community – a great chance for clients recovering from alcoholism to meet Thai counterparts and exchange experiences and gain insights from each other.

House Issues Meeting: A weekly check in group session to mark clients’ progress and help them deal with issues.

Living Clean Study: In this group each client reads aloud a few paragraphs from AA or NA approved literature, then shares how they identify with the text.

Yoga and Meditation: A weekly session at “Yoga Tree” – one of Chiang Mai’s leading yoga schools. Practicing Yoga and meditation on a regular basis not only enhances one’s physical health and focus, but helps achieve overall balance of body and mind.

Local YABA Detox Meeting: Recommended for clients recovering from drug addictions – a local detox meeting at Tanyarak Hospital or other venue with similar objectives to the AA meetings.

Sober House Outing: A compulsory but fun day-trip twice a month with the Sober House “family” to a nearby tourist destination to strengthen bonds within the House.

Sunday Dinner Prep: House members pitch in to prepare a dinner for about 20 people.

NA/AA Meeting with dinner at Sober House: An increasingly popular Sunday evening detox meeting hosted by Sober House to which recovering addicts from the local community are invited that is followed by dinner for all.

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