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The food you eat has a huge impact on your ability to recover from addiction. It affects your mood, energy levels and overall health – and it has the power to help or hinder your treatment from every angle.

Eating gourmet, made-from-scratch food gives you the physical and emotional strength you need to recover. And let’s face it: when you’re eating food you love, life is just better. Fortunately, at The Cabin Chiang Mai, you’ll be eating food you love at every meal.

We serve gourmet, freshly prepared meals that offer the nutritional and emotional nourishment needed to recover.

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Here Are Just A Few Of The Ways The Cabin’s Gourmet Food Supports Your Recovery

Every Beautifully Prepared Meal Will Look and Taste Like Something You’d Get at A Five-Star Resort.

We ensure that you get to relish your favourite meals at every serving, making your journey towards recovery enjoyable and satisfying.

At The Cabin, we take great care in ensuring that every meal we serve is delicious and packed with high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.

Our chef handpicks each seasonal ingredient to create made-from-scratch dishes that nourish your body and delight your senses. From slow-poured, shade-grown coffee from our local mountains to freshly pressed herbal juices and the finest international delicacies, everything we serve is beautiful, delicious and good for your body.

With So Many Choices at Every Meal, You’ll Never Have to Eat Anything That Doesn’t Excite You.

At our exclusive restaurant, you’ll be served cuisines ranging from Thai to Middle Eastern, Asian fusion and Western – and your choices don’t end there. Every meal includes two meat-based mains, three halal choices and at least one vegetarian option, plus four vegetable options and a soup. And our menu is constantly changing – so your taste buds will never get bored. You’re more likely to have too many choices than too few – but if you have any special requests at mealtime (e.g. less spice or no dairy), our chef will prepare a dish just for you.

When I first arrived, one of the staff asked me if I was worried or scared or had any serious concerns or issues. The only thing I asked was what the food was like… the food has been absolutely amazing. It’s been top-notch… A bit of Eastern style, a bit of Western – I’ve had some lovely meals but I’ve also eaten the right things.

– James Argent

You Can Experience the Satisfaction of Growing and Cooking Your Own, Organic Food.

While you’re with us, you’ll have full access to our onsite organic garden. And as part of our clean eating and horticulture therapy programmes, you’ll be given the option of tending to the plants and participating in Thai cooking classes using ingredients you’ve harvested yourself. If you’ve never experienced the joy and connection that comes with growing, preparing and then eating your own food, what better place to start than in recovery?

You’ll Eat Food That’s Planned and Prepared with Your Recovery in Mind.

All of our dishes are carefully crafted to repair your body while elevating your mood and energy levels. Our chef’s number one inspiration is your health – so he doesn’t cook with MSG, refined sugars or unhealthy oils, and he only serves locally baked whole grain bread. And to make sure you’ve always got all of the nutrients you need, our fresh smoothie bar serves blended fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Finally, to be completely sure every meal supports your treatment plan, our counsellors approve each menu item before it’s served. You won’t find another rehab that satisfies your hunger for delicious, nutritious food better than The Cabin.

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