You may be within safe limits.

You may be within safe limits.

Based on your responses, it looks like your use or behaviour may be within safe limits.

However, the only way to know for sure is to have a professional assessment that takes into account your specific circumstances.

You took this assessment because you’re worried about your habits… How do you know for sure whether or not you’ve got a problem?

You need to talk to someone who can assess your specific situation – someone who can tell you exactly what you should do, based on your circumstances. Someone who can give you the clarity you need.

Know for sure where you stand by having a confidential, free, professional assessment with our licenced psychologist.

During your free, personalised assessment, you’ll get:

  • Support – no matter what your situation, he’ll listen and give you the tools to help you navigate your challenges.
  • Insight – an understanding of where your challenges come from, and how to take the first steps to overcoming them.
  • Clarity – finally. You’ll have a clear, concrete plan to follow, tailored to your specific circumstances.

Take that first step toward knowing for sure – and feel relief wash over you, just by taking a fraction of a second to submit the form below, telling us you’d like to schedule a free assessment. Just click the ‘contact me’ button below and we’ll get in touch.

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