Staying sober 5 things to do after drug rehab

Staying Sober: 5 Things to do After Drug Rehab

Going through a rehab program is only the first stepping stone to your recovery. Once you leave rehab, you will be faced with many challenges and situations that may tempt you to use again. Getting clean, staying clean and keeping your life on track will take courage, patience and determination. Here are 5 things you should do to stay sober after rehab:

  1. Have a relapse prevention plan – A professional drug and alcohol rehab treatment center should prepare you with a plan of action to help you stay clean. During treatment you should work with your counselor to develop a plan that defines your objectives for life after rehab.
  2. Keep working the 12 steps – Wherever you are in the 12 steps to recovery, don’t stop. Many rehab programs offer aftercare counseling which allows you to complete all 12 steps of your recovery. Continue to work with your counselors and join a local support group where you can attend weekly meetings.
  3. Exercise on a regular basis – Residential rehab programs allow you to develop healthy exercise habits. Keeping physically fit will help you build to strength and enhance mental clarity. Join a gym or local athletic club; go running, biking or hiking. Keep your heart rate up and your mind off of using.
  4. Eat healthy – A well balanced diet is a key element of your recovery. Proper vitamin, nutrient and mineral intake can help to reduce cravings and restore you to a more physically health state. A combination of regular exercise and a proper diet can make a significant impact on your ability to continue on the path to recovery and prevent a relapse.
  5. Forge new friendships – After drug rehab it is so important that you make new friends. Most likely, your old social circle is involved in alcohol and drug abuse. Forge new friendships with individuals who share a common positive interest such as cycling, arts and crafts, music, theater, etc.

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