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Imagine Yourself

  • Feeling free from addiction
  • Having a healthy lifestyle
  • Knowing you are in control
  • Feeling confident in your recovery
  • Knowing you can overcome obstacles
  • Having a reliable support system

Client Testimonial

My journey in this beautiful place with amazing professional staff and counsellors was a journey of joy and love. I wish I didnt waste all those previous years but I am glad to be where I am today. I am returning to the world with plenty of tools that I can use for my addiction to stay sober. I'm excited for life again and ready to become the best version of myself every day, day by day.


At The Cabin in Chiang Mai, we incorporate the most effective Western treatment and Eastern healing practices in a programme that includes individual counselling, group therapy, integrated family involvement and a dedicated continuing care programme that supports your loved one’s progress. 

Premium grounds offer an ideal environment

5-star Property

Western trained and registered counsellors

Bi-lingual Arabic Counsellors

On discharge continued online support and 1 on 1 sessions

Continuing Care Post Discharge

Why Luxury Rehab at The Cabin in

Chiang Mai is Your Best Treatment Option

Our specialty programme includes:

Benefit from the anonymity of Northern Thailand

Private and confidential

To support whole family unit (through addiction recovery)

Integrated Family involvement

Provide a safe space and around the clock care

Onsite 24/7 Hospital

Effective and sustainable programme

Bilingual western trained counsellors

Premium facilities in Thailand

Full support on your journey to recovery


As Asia’s leading behavioural healthcare provider, our team is world-renowned for their level of clinical excellence.

Our evidence-based programme has been developed by globally recognised rehabilitation specialists, The Cabin, and is effective in treating singular or dual diagnosis with a primary drugs and alcohol substance addiction:

Specialised Rehab 

You Can Trust

  • Substance abuse – Drugs and alcohol
  • Process addictions – Sex, food and body issues, gaming, screen addiction, social media addiction
  • Underlying causes of addiction such as trauma and PTSD
  • Mental health issues which co-occur with addiction such as anxiety and depression

World-class Accommodation and Facilities

Private villa accommodation gives you rest and peace of mind. We strive to provide all of the conveniences you’re accustomed to back home.

Our healthy halal cuisine is made from scratch from local, seasonal ingredients

Our spacious gym houses a variety of equipment for all your workout needs

Holistic therapies help connect your mind, body and soul

Take part in the unique eco-activities of Thailand, such as a trip to an elephant sanctuary



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