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More and more US Residents are embracing Recovery Tourism and finding Freedom from Addiction and New Beginnings

To experience new results in your journey to recovery,
you may have to look to place you've never been

That's why at The Cabin Chiang Mai we chose the lush mountains of northern Thailand to establish our premier luxury treatment center. In a resort-like setting, we address a range of mental health issues, addictions, and behavioral disorders. Our staff is fluent in English and fully accredited in the Western standards you expect-but our programs are offered at a fraction of the cost of what they would be in the US.

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Why you should consider The Cabin Chiang Mai:


Competitive Price

American rehabs typically charge clients around $1,200 a day for treatment. Our program costs are one-third or half of many centers in the US, with the same or better treatment standards and outcomes.


An Effective Treatment Method

That incorporates modern and proven methodology including The 12 Steps and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with wellness therapies such as Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga, proven to contribute to lasting recovery.


High Success Rate

While many US-based treatment programs have a completion rate of between 50 and 65 percent, The Cabin Chiang Mai’s participant completion rate is 96 percent—nearly all of our clients choose to finish their treatment with us.


Escape to Luxury

In addition to individual and group therapy sessions, our secluded facilities boast tropical gardens, swimming pools, massage spa, a fitness center, and gourmet dining, complete with the foods you love. The amenities in your guest room will include cable TV, high-speed Wi-Fi, king-sized beds, air conditioning, and more.


Away from Triggers

Immerse yourself in a new environment away from the from the triggers and stressors that feed your addictive behavior and mental unrest. If you have failed to find recovery at home, a new outlook may be just what is needed.


One Day’s Travel

Whether you are flying from the East or West coast or the Midwest, you can be a world away in Thailand in the span of just a day. An American passport entitles you to a Thai visa upon arrival, meaning that little formal preparation is needed for you to make a trip to The Cabin Chiang Mai.


Acceptance of Insurance

We are happy to communicate with your insurance provider regarding coverage for your stay at The Cabin Chiang Mai. Because our program is highly accredited, we have had success in working with many insurance companies to ensure that your treatment is paid for.


Confidential and Discreet

We understand the need to respect your privacy as you seek treatment. The Cabin Chiang Mai adheres to a strict confidentiality policy and our programs protect your anonymity..

Thailand's traditions of meditation and wellness inspire our commitment to mindfulness and holistic health in our therapy: we don't just treat your immediate struggle-we care for your whole self.

Let us at The Cabin Chiang Mai guide you toward the recovery and the peace that you deserve,
so that this time, you can return home as a better, healthier you.



I have been to three US-based rehabs in the past but always relapsed within a month of leaving. The decision to come to Thailand saved my life. The treatment method at The Cabin was on par with or better with what I had experienced at home but the real difference came from the location. Getting away from the people and things that made me use was the best thing I could have done. And The Cabin have created an environment that utilizes all the best things about being here -the food, mindfulness meditation, the culture, nature and fantastic excursions.

Tom, California

Going somewhere like Thailand for treatment never entered my mind. But the more I looked into it the more sense it made. It was cheaper than here, easy to get to, and everything was in English delivered by western professionals. I got to get away from the toxic environment I was in and rebuild myself in an environment that was all about healing, nature and spirituality. It was truly a life-changing experience.

Xanthia, Seattle

Find out why a growing number of Americans are finding recovery success
at The Cabin Chiang Mai, Thailand

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