Get The Support You Need to Get Sober – Finally

The treatment team you choose will affect your chances of success, for better or for worse.

If your counsellors don’t get you – if they don’t have the training and experience they need to help you – you’re essentially on your own. And you know where being on your own gets you.

If you want to recover for good, you need a team you can rely on.

And there’s no better team than The Cabin’s.

I’m Ready for a Change

Here are just a few of the reasons our team can help you like no other:

You’ll have access to the most qualified,experienced staff anywhere in the world.

Our counsellors are Western-trained, licensed and accredited addiction specialists with decades of combined experience treating cases just like yours. Rest assured that you’re in good hands, with experts who have the training and experience to handle whatever you throw at them.

You’ll feel safe and understood– because we’ve been right where you are.

Many of our counsellors are in recovery themselves. Their unique insights, shared experience and understanding will seriously enhance your treatment experience.

You’ll know you can succeed– because our counsellors are walking proof.

Our counsellors will inspire you and solidify your belief that life in recovery is attainable, and great. There’s no better fuel for your motivation – which will power your recovery journey.

You’ll always get the attention– and compassion – you need.

At The Cabin, you’ll find out firsthand why Thailand is world renowned for the compassion and hospitality of its local people. And with our 1:1 staff-to-client ratio, you’ll have as much attention as you need, round the clock.

No matter where you’re from,you’ll feel at home.

YOur counsellors are from all over the world – from Egypt to Canada, Greece, the UK, South Africa, the US and Australia, and all of our counsellors are sensitive to your cultural preferences. You’ll feel understood, supported and at home, at all times.

The growth and understanding that I have experienced is nothing short of a miracle. I would like to thank and acknowledge the entire counselling team for their guidance. They were able to provide me with the care, love, understanding and knowledge that I really needed to start making a serious shift. It has been nothing short of a miracle. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Robert, client in recovery

No one here is going to tell you something they haven’t experienced. Every one of these counsellors has been to hell and back and probably been ten years sober.

Michael, Scotland

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