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       Issue 8: July - September 2015

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In this Issue

Family Treatment Yields Better Outcomes for Addicts

Focus: Why Family Treatment Yields Better Outcomes for Addicts
by Alastair Mordey, Programme Director

I would like to tell you a little about our new Family Programme, which, encouragingly for us, showed immediate progress in dynamics between the client and their family. read more

Some People Become Addicted

FYI: Why Do Some People Become Addicted and Others Do Not?

Several factors indicate why some people become addicted and others do not. Unfortunately, it is not as black and white as we would hope. read more

In the Spotlight

The Cabin Bangkok

The Cabin Bangkok and The Cabin Sydney NOW OPEN

We are happy to announce the opening of two more outpatient treatment centres this month – The Cabin Sydney and *The Cabin Bangkok. Both clinics offer the opportunity of recovery for people suffering with addiction who simply never seek treatment as they are able to otherwise function, we believe opening up new ways for them to access care is imperative because the illness gets progressively worse if not treated.

At our centrally located centres, clients can conveniently access our intensive outpatient treatment programme, Recovery Zones, after work hours; or schedule individual therapy or our family programme at a time most convenient for them. We also offer aftercare groups that are ideal for, but not restricted to, our many Cabin Chiang Mai clients in both cities.
*The Cabin Bangkok also specialises in treating Mental Health Disorders.

Learn more about The Cabin Bangkok here
Learn more about The Cabin Sydney here

Charity Garage Sale Raises Funds for Victims of Addiction

Charity Garage Sale Raises Funds for Victims of Addiction

On June 5th 2015, The Cabin Foundation, DusitD2 Hotel, Chiang Mai and Studio Group jointly hosted a charity garage sale to raise funds for the treatment of poor, local addicts and victims of addiction. The event featured live music, a special auction of tour packages; plus some 20 stalls selling everything from used clothes to handicrafts – including “Keep Fighting to be Drug Free”  t-shirts by The Cabin Foundation.

Proceeds from stall rental and the auction were donated to the Ban Dek Dee Orphanage, which looks after the children of overdose fatalities and those with parents in jail for drug offenses. the money from the sales of the anti-drug t-shirts went towards The Cabin Foundation Special Fund for Treatment of Underprivileged Young Addicts.

Here are some photos of the event

The Cabin at WCSAD 2015

The Cabin at WCSAD 2015

The Cabin Addiction Services Group’s A team has just returned from this year’s West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders held at the end of May in California. Our programme director Alastair M’s presentation on The Cabin’s treatment model was very well received. The conference was also a great opportunity to exchange knowledge with our American counterparts who expressed much interest in The Cabin Chiang Mai.

Here are some photos of the event

Your Brain When you Blackout or get Drunk

Blog: What Happens to Your Brain When you Blackout or get Drunk

Do not know how you got home after a night of drinking? Have a complete blackout? You are not alone. Alcohol causes these dangerous changes in your brain when you are drunk, giving you temporary amnesia. read more

Addiction and Marriage

Blog: Addiction and Marriage

Marriage is for better or for worse, unfortunately many couples do not want to think about the ‘worse’. When it comes to a drug or alcohol addiction, the worse makes itself known. read more

Alumni Update

Though over 1,400 clients have successfully completed treatment with us since we began operations in 2010, we try to stay in touch with all of them and follow their progress. When a client leaves The Cabin Chiang Mai they are just embarking on their journey of recovery, certain to be filled with challenges and temptations as they begin their new life back home. Here we’d like to share some updates from our alumni.

Aletha B, Perth, Graduated May 2015
I expected that rehab would kick start my road to sobriety but it was so much more than that. The Cabin, and its holistic approach, encouraged me to dig deeper and look at the way my personality and behaviours have contributed to my alcoholism.  read more

Peer support is an extremely important part of the recovery process – if you’d like to share your progress with us and your Cabin peers write to us at or email your counsellor.

Mark your Calendar

Calendar July 1st   (Australia)

Opening of The Cabin Sydney
Add: Suite 506, Eastpoint Tower 180 Ocean Street, Edgecliff NSW 2027
Ph: +61 2 8046 6462

Calendar September 1st   (Singapore)

Opening of The Cabin Singapore
Add: Novena Medical Center
For enquiries email:

Calendar July 15th   (Thailand)

Opening of The Cabin Bangkok
Add: Suite 2306, 23rd Floor, Interchange 21
399 Sukhumvit Road, Wattana Bangkok 10110
Ph: +66 2 105 6135

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