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The Cabin Newsletter Issue 2: Jan - March 2014



NY_resolution line Quitting your Addiction:
Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

 Alumni Update

alumni line Past Clients Share their Recovery Progress


k17 Why is Internet Addiction Growing in Asia?

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Greetings from The Cabin

With the Holidays now behind us and a brand new year in front – we hope you are filled with a renewed vigor to take on life and strive towards your goals with enthusiasm and faith. Here at The Cabin, we have got off to a busy start as January typically sees a 30% rise in admissions - since addicts, like everyone else, consider it a perfect time to start anew;  but we are glad that we can help 30% more people achieve, through recovery, the quality of life that we all are entitled to. And now with our 16 new rooms completed we can continue to assist even more people suffering from the unfortunate disease of addiction. On a happier note – we are excitedly looking forward to seeing all our former clients at The Cabin’s First REUNION this February 14th!

To the wider addiction community we are eager, as always, to share with you useful and interesting information be it through this newsletter, our blogs, info sheets, ebooks and educational videos; or at conferences, our upcoming training workshops and more…so stay tuned. 

The Cabin Team

FOCUS: Is the ‘war on drugs’ destined for failure?
by Alastair Mordey, Programme Director at The Cabin Chiang Mai


The world-wide battle against the distribution, selling and using of illegal drugs is unlikely to ever be truly won. By definition the very nature of battle is adversarial, and the final eradication of illicit drug use is only attainable through a shift in awareness amongst the populations and subcultures who participate in it.

This will take a very long time. The control addiction exerts over addicted individuals is so strong that the prospects of dire consequences such as arrest, prison or even death are seldom strong enough to curtail it. Addiction, full blown, is stronger than any controlling force, as is the motivation of the nihilistic and destructive elements in all of our societies who produce and sell drugs. Like insurgent guerilla armies they have the upper hand, they don’t have to play by the rules and they have little to lose.

Both addicts and suppliers are often from lower socio-economic groups, which are not to suggest their culpability is less, but only to highlight the compelling forces which drive addicts to medicate themselves, and criminal fraternities to make money and gain power. In the end it cannot be a battle, but has to be an evolution in society brought about by education to prevent addiction, a sophisticated psychological treatment for those already addicted and efforts to raise living standards to reduce poor living environments, which are clearly a key cause of addiction. Read more

Sneak Preview

1 sneakpreview 1 To meet rising demand for our treatment services we have added 16 more beds – taking accommodation at The Cabin Chiang Mai to
a grand total of 50 beds this year.

Here is a peek into some of the newly completed guest rooms. Each unit is uniquely designed, in a contemporary Asian style and features a spacious interior with an ensuite bathroom plus all the comforts of home, including cable TV and WiFi. 
Read more

The Cabin Highlights

Life at The Cabin is always busy and eventful and the last quarter of 2013 was no exception. Here are some snap shots from the period.

photo4 line_brown photo9
APSAD 2013 - Our clinical team presented at the APSAD 2013 Conference last November in Brisbane.
University Visit line_brown University Visit
University VisitIn October, we hosted a facility visit for grad students from the Islamic Science University of Malaysia enrolled in their Special Programme for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselling.
Santikaro Visit line_brown Santikaro Visit
Santikaro VisitFamous former monk Ajarn Santikaro visited The Cabin to talk about how the 12 Steps can be enhanced through the Buddhist way of life - to both counsellors and clients.
Client Parties line_brown Client Parties
Client PartiesCelebrations abounded with fun-filled parties for our clients –both for Halloween and Christmas and our staff went all out to entertain.

Mark your Calendar

calendar_icon February 14th

The Cabin’s First Alumni Reunion
Venue: The Cabin Chiang Mai
Time:  10am to 1.45pm

FREE for all Cabin graduates and your families! Hurry and RSVP if you haven’t done so already.

calendar_icon Mid March

Middle East Roadshow
One-on-one meetings with Programme Director Alastair Mordey
Cities: Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Muscat

For a meeting email:

calendar_icon April 24 -27

3rd Congress of Asia-Pacific Society for Alcohol and Addiction Research (APSAAR)
Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Centre, China


Thai Cooking Class

Sunday excursions have been a part of our programme ever since The Cabin opened its doors here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.Our one-day cooking class literally gives our clients a full flavoured taste of Thailand's famed cuisine, while instilling in them the importance of a good healthy diet and how simple it can be to maintain one.  Read more
1 Thai Cooking Class 2 Thai Cooking Class 2 Thai Cooking Class 2 Thai Cooking Class

Alumni Update – past clients share their recovery progress

Even though some 600 clients have successfully completed treatment with us since we began operations in 2009, we still keep in touch with all of them and follow their progress – both through The Cabin’s Online Video Aftercare Programme and, more informally, through the personal relationships that our counsellors have built with many of their clients. When a client leaves The Cabin they are just embarking on their journey of recovery, certain to be filled with challenges and temptations as they begin their new life back home. Here we’d like to share some updates from our alumni.
Edward, Kuala Lumpur, Graduated April 2013
Eight months into my new life of sobriety and I have stepped off the ‘pink cloud’ and into reality. For the first time since my childhood I am beginning to feel real emotions, both positive and negative, without the need to self-medicate or celebrate with alcohol. It’s a new experience and one that is both gratifying and sometimes a bit scary. Read more

Pom, Bangkok, Graduated August 2012
I just wanted to update everyone that I have been clean and am much happier than before... During the time before The Cabin, I was at a very low point in life and many things/changes happened after I left... Read more

Sheldon, Melbourne, Graduated August 2013
After several years of trying to get clean I found myself at The Cabin – it was unlike any other treatment center I had been to before, the friendly staff and the structure of the program really were what made The Cabin different from other treatment centers. Read more
2 Peer support is an extremely important part of the recovery process – if you’d like to share your progress with us and your Cabin Class write to us at or email your counsellor.  2
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