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       Issue 13: October - December 2016

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In this Issue

Focus: The Link between Professional Sports and Addiction
by Alastair Mordey, Programme Director

It is no secret that substance and process addiction is alarmingly common among professional athletes. We take a look at the underlying reasons for why this may be, many of which have to do with professional sports themselves increasing risk factors for addiction. read more

FYI: The Lowdown on New Synthetic Drugs

The panic caused by ‘bath salts’ in 2013 revealed a synthetic drug trend that has persisted ever since. Growing in strength and unpredictability, they are claiming more lives every day; yet, the facts surrounding these drugs remain convoluted. Just what are these drugs? read more

In the Spotlight

Opening of The Cabin Edge

The Cabin Edge, our revolutionary inpatient treatment programme designed specifically for young men, launched in July 2016. As young men are shown to be especially responsive to high-intensity physical activity in addiction treatment, this programme integrates Muay Thai boxing, triathlon training and wilderness adventure into our therapeutic treatment model.

The programme is conducted by a small, collaborative team who come from a variety of backgrounds and specialise in treating young people with addiction. This early intervention programme can also be a turning point for young men experiencing the beginnings of substance abuse or behavioural issues.

We have received very positive feedback thus far from both parents and participants. Learn more about The Cabin Edge here.

Opening of The Cabin Dhaka

The Cabin Dhaka is the newest addition to The Cabin Group’s outpatient treatment centres and the first of its kind in Bangladesh. Specialising in both addiction and mental health, we provide: clinical assessments, psychiatric consultation with medication review, one-on-one counselling services, group therapy options and a family programme.

The Cabin Dhaka’s team of addiction experts have extensive experience in treating addiction and mental health concerns. Conveniently located in the Dhaka city centre, our bilingual services are available weekdays through to 9pm. Our aim is to make treatment accessible for those who want to receive support while still being able to meet work and family commitments. Learn more about The Cabin Dhaka here.

Moderation vs Abstinence in Alcohol and Opioid Addiction Treatment

Is harm reduction or moderation management really a viable treatment method when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction? Or is abstinence the only way to go? We take an in depth look at this controversial topic. read more

Drug Abuse, Dopamine and the Reward System Explained     

Advances in neuroscience have allowed doctors and scientists to delve deep into the brain’s functioning to better understand the cause of addiction. The brain’s reward system plays a major role, alongside many other factors. read more

Alumni Update

Here at The Cabin we love to keep in touch with our clients and hear about their progress. This is made easy by our Online Aftercare Programme, which allows us to hold weekly group video calls to catch up and discuss topics that pertain to recovery. In this issue, we hear from two aftercare participants.

Kate, UK, Graduated November 2012
I especially find meditation and mindfulness help me to calm my mind and see things more clearly. Getting honest with myself and the people I love has been hard, but also a huge relief. read more
Terry, Singapore, Graduated June 2016
Interestingly, my spirituality was the first thing to leave me on this extraordinary journey, yet it was also the first thing to come back, ahead of my physical and emotional health. And this triangle of life factors need to be kept well balanced to stay in shape. This is my work today. read more

Peer support is an extremely important part of the recovery process – if you’d like to share your progress with us and your Cabin peers write to us at or email your counsellor.

Mark your Calendar

 November   (UK)

Caron and Cabin 5th Annual UK Addiction Workshop
Date: Nov 4th, 10am – Nov 5th, 6pm
Venue: Marriott London Kensington

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