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       Issue 12: July - September 2016

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In this Issue

Online Aftercare

Focus: Online Aftercare: Stay Connected for a Successful Recovery
by Alastair Mordey, Programme Director

Aftercare is invaluable to addiction recovery. It provides continued treatment, aids in relapse prevention and helps one stay connected to the recovery community. Now, online aftercare is making it more accessible than ever. read more

Essential Tips for Living in Food Addiction Recovery

FYI: Essential Tips for Living in Food Addiction Recovery

After successful food addiction treatment comes life in recovery - which can be incredibly difficult. We have put together this list of tips to help you be successful in long-term food addiction recovery. read more

In the Spotlight

UK/European Symposium

The Cabin sponsors this year’s UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders (UKESAD 2016)

This year, The Cabin Addiction Services Group was one of the two main Associate Sponsors of UKESAD 2016 – the UK’s premier addiction and behavioural health conference held from the 2nd - 4th May. The event attracted some 500 addiction recovery professionals from Europe and around the world, who gathered to learn about the latest developments in treatment as well as to network.

Our Programme Director Alastair Mordey presented on ‘Existential Crisis: Treating Addiction as a Nihilistic Disorder as a Pandemic of Modernity’. It was an analysis of addiction on three levels: neurobiological (as a dopamine-related disorder), psychological (as an encounter with the unknown) and transformative (as an opportunity to gain understanding through suffering). His talk was well received and sparked a lively discussion among peers during the Q&A.

Here are some photos of the event.

Sustain your Addiction Recovery

Sustain your Addiction Recovery through Self-Expression and Creativity

Practicing self-expression and creativity can significantly increase your chances of success in addiction recovery. Learn more about the most useful relapse prevention strategies in this article. read more

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction among Seniors and Elderly People     

Elderly people today are abusing alcohol more than any previous generation. The number of alcoholics over 65 only continues to rise. Sadly, at least half of these people go completely undiagnosed. read more

Alumni Update

Over 1,700 clients have successfully completed treatment with us since we began operations in 2010, and we try to stay in touch with all of them and follow their progress. When a client leaves The Cabin Chiang Mai they are only just embarking on their journey of recovery, certain to be filled with challenges and temptations as they begin their new life back home. Here we’d like to share some updates from our alumni.

Alumni Update William, Perth, Graduated August 2015
Today in recovery, I’m building new, amazing friendships with people who value me as a person. My peers look up to me as a role model and value my input, and my lecturers respect me for my work ethic. My family appreciates having me in their life – something I never thought would happen.  read more
Alumni Update Ryan, Singapore, graduated February 2015
Today I'm returning back to full time work, I have healed much of the damage of my past, I regularly attend and contribute to AA meetings and I am of service to others in the recovery community. Life is good, and more importantly, when it isn't good I have tools and skills to cope, and that is what is allowing me to stay sober.  read more

Peer support is an extremely important part of the recovery process – if you’d like to share your progress with us and your Cabin peers write to us at or email your counsellor.

Mark your Calendar

Calendar July   (Denmark)

Opening of The Cabin Denmark – partnership between leading Danish outpatient rehab Alfa Copenhagen
and The Cabin Chiang Mai.
Address: Alfa København
Struenseegade 9, 3 sal
2200 Copenhagen
Phone: +45 25 94 44 22

Calendar August   (Bangladesh)

Opening of The Cabin Dhaka – specialist mental wellness and addiction treatment outpatient centre
Address: 28-30 Ahmed Tower
Kamal Ataturk Avenue
P.S. Banani
Dhaka 1213

Calendar November   (Thailand)

The Cabin Chiang Mai Conference in collaboration with Caron Addiction Treatment Centers
Date: Nov 7-8th
Venue: The Shangri-La Hotel, Chiang Mai

In the Press

In the Press


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