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       Issue 10: January - March 2016

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The Challenges of Treating Sex Addiction

Focus: The Challenges of Treating Sex Addiction
An interview with The Cabin's sex addiction expert, Clinical Supervisor Dave McGuire

The treatment of sex addiction has its own unique challenges, which many general addiction and mental health specialists often overlook if they have not had much hands-on experience treating the disorder. Dave McGuire explains what some of them are. read more

The Link between Addiction Recovery

FYI: The Link between Addiction Recovery, Mental Health and Suicide

When a loved one is suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, it is common to feel fear — fear that one day you will get a phone call that your loved one has been in a serious accident or has overdosed. But what many people neglect to think about is the possibility of suicide — which is undeniably linked to alcohol abuse and drug addiction. read more

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

The Cabin Foundation’s Christmas Party for underprivileged Thai children

The Cabin Foundation, a non-profit organisation set up by The Cabin Chiang Mai to raise awareness about addiction issues in Thailand, decided to spread some Western holiday cheer to a few of the poor children in Chiang Mai this past Christmas.

The Foundation hosted an afternoon of Christmas carolling with a visit from Santa for the students of Wat Ban Rai School — a charity school run by the Wat Ban Rai Temple, where newly recovering clients from The Cabin’s Sober House teach English on a regular basis as part of their community work. It was a fun event for all, Foundation members first taught the children how to sing popular carols before The Cabin’s Santa distributed Christmas presents and goodies to all.

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Best Year Yet in Addiction Recovery

Blog: Making 2016 the Best Year Yet in Addiction Recovery

Forget New Year’s Resolutions in 2016. Instead, set small, realistic goals for the year that will aid in your addiction recovery and make this year your best year yet! read more

Why Do People Leave Rehab Early

Blog: Why Do People Leave Rehab Early?     

Just entering a rehab, or thinking about getting treatment at one, is a great step in the right direction, but this in fact is not the only challenge you will face in your quest for sobriety. read more

Alumni Update

Though over 1,500 clients have successfully completed treatment with us since we began operations in 2010, we try to stay in touch with all of them and follow their progress. When a client leaves The Cabin Chiang Mai they are just embarking on their journey of recovery, certain to be filled with challenges and temptations as they begin their new life back home. Here we’d like to share some updates from our alumni.

Graduated February 2012 Jade, Singapore, Graduated February 2012
Life today is completely different, there are days where I am in disbelief and I don’t recognise myself. From an addict who could not go a day without using or an hour without thinking about using, today my life is full of the gifts of recovery. I have meaningful relationships, my family and I have reconnected, I have recently completed a degree and will be starting work in a job I am very passionate about.  read more

Peer support is an extremely important part of the recovery process – if you’d like to share your progress with us and your Cabin peers write to us at or email your counsellor.

Mark your Calendar

Alumni Reunion

calenda icon February 10th   (Thailand)

The Cabin Chiang Mai 2016 Alumni Reunion
Venue: The Cabin Centre
Time: 10am – 2pm

In the Press

In the Press


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