Holistic Wellness Programme

The Cabin Holistic Department

Our experienced wellness practitioners offer you a wide range of holistic care to bring balance and vitality back into the body and mind. Our goal is to create optimal health conditions for you during your stay at The Cabin. We do this through a multitude of therapies:

  • Yoga Therapy

    Yoga promotes healing and prevention of imbalances on a physical, emotional and mental level to achieve a greater state of overall wellbeing.
    • Restorative Yoga

      This is passive form of yoga creates deep rest through adaptations of traditional poses. By relaxing into poses and supporting the body with props, we allow our natural energy reserves to be replenished and learn the art of being, rather than doing.

    • Yoga Nidra

      A systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation; also known as the yoga of ‘psychic sleep’ or ‘conscious sleep’.

    • Vinyasa Yoga

      A more vigorous form of yoga with flowing poses combined with breath awareness and skill in alignment. This allows you to progress quickly – but more importantly, safely – in your practice.

    • Yin Yoga

      A slower-paced style of yoga, yin involves holding poses longer to apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.

  • Trauma Release Exercise (TRE)

    A self-help tool for the natural release of stress, trauma and anxiety. By activating the body’s natural shaking reflex (neurogenic tremors), we discharge this held tension and imprinted memories that are stored in the body on a cellular level, to develop a more healthy and balanced nervous system.
  • Mindfulness Meditation

    Develop your meditation practice to achieve a state of alert and focused relaxation. By deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgement, we bring the mind back to the present moment with focus and discipline.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

    60 to 85 per cent of all physical illness has been accredited to blocked emotional energy within the body. This can be released by a simple method of tapping the chakra and meridian energy points to unblock energy in a non-intrusive manner.
  • Art Therapy

    An expressive therapy that uses the creative process of art making to help improve mental and emotional wellbeing. You do not have to be an artist or artistically inclined to benefit from art therapy!
  • Full Body Presence

    A gentle guided exploration to nourish and strengthen our internal landscape by establishing a grounded connection with our body and the world around us. Developing sensory awareness is a powerful means of personal transformation. It can soothe and ultimately transform fear, doubt and alienation into a sense of trust and confidence in oneself.

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