Imagine Your Son

  • Living a life outside of gaming
  • Being free from compulsive digital misuse
  • Developing a healthy, intentional relationship with technology
  • Enjoying other interests and passions
  • Feeling confident in his recovery
  • Believing he can outgrow his limited digital

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NEW Gaming Addiction Treatment Programme


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Client Testimonial

3 months in The Cabin have been an amazing part of my life. I was a walking corpse, dead inside before coming here. I've been part of a dynamic community that has helped piece my chaotic life back into some form of semblance. While the journey is by no means over, The Gaming programme has certainly set me on the right path.


Why Luxury Rehab at The Cabin in Chiang Mai is His Best Treatment Option

World-leading rehab centre for addiction

Highly-effective personalised treatment programme

Western-trained psychiatrists, psychologists and addiction counsellors

Custom Built facilities in northern Thailand

Full support on his journey to healthy digital use

Round-the-clock care in a supportive and nurturing community

Safe and Secure Environment

Unique combination of psychological, physical and social elements

Ground-Breaking Treatment

Addressing codependency in the digital age

Family Programme

The New Gaming Programme Will Offer

To begin the migration from the virtual world into the real world

Digital Detox

Pay up to 50% less than a similar programme in a Western country

Value for Money

For clients and families in collaboration with our worldwide partners

Continuing Care

The Gaming Programme will start with a digital detox to begin the journey from the virtual world into the real world. During this initial phase, a comprehensive digital-use assessment will direct his personalised treatment. Each day will be filled with intensive physical activities, as well as counselling, mind mapping, mediation and excursions, to help him find alternative passions to gaming. The programme will then train him to have an intentional relationship with digital technology. Gradual access to digital use in a safe, controlled environment will provide the foundation for lasting freedom from gaming addiction.

Our evidence-based therapeutic modalities will include:

Personalised Gaming Addiction Treatment

  • Physical: Medical screenings, nutrition, physical training and conditioning, embodied practices such as yoga
  • Mindfulness: Specialised mindfulness practices for digital use
  • Experiential: Wilderness excursions, real-world play and team building
  • Holistic: Trauma release exercises, emotional regulation and art therapy
  • 12-Steps: Introduction to Computer Gaming Addicts Anonymous (CGAA)
  • Digital use training: Learning to live in the digital age


World-class Accommodation and Facilities

Luxury villa accommodation with access to swimming pools, massage rooms and meditation huts

Healthy cuisine that’s sourced locally and prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients

Spacious gym with a variety of equipment for all his workout needs

Holistic therapies to help connect mind, body and soul

Outdoor activities and excursions to explore tropical Northern Thailand


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