10 Benefits Getting Sober

10 Awesome Benefits of Getting Sober

Having a hard time imagining what your life will look like after getting sober? Explore 10 of the biggest benefits you’ve got to look forward to when you stop using: Sharelines
Repairing Relationships in Recovery

How to Rebuild Trust With a Recovering Addict

Addiction takes a heavy toll on relationships, but with some work and an open heart, trust can be rebuilt. Here are 5 tips for repairing your relationship with your recovering loved one. Sharelines Five tips for repairing your relationship with your recovering loved one: Five tips for repairing your relationship with your recovering loved one:…
The Cabin’s Rehab Excursions

Finding Joy in Rehab with The Cabin’s Weekend Excursions

Think sobriety is boring? Think again. These excursions are proof that life in recovery is more adventurous, exciting, fun and rewarding than a life of using could ever be. When you find yourself realising you need help with your addiction, it’s a good idea to look for an addiction treatment facility that provides a peaceful,…
Summer Sobriety Guide

Your Summer Sobriety Guide

Summer means long weekends, sunny vacations and backyard barbeques with friends. But it can also pose added challenges for those in recovery. We offer some easy tips for staying sober and having fun in the coming months. Sharelines Easy tips for staying sober and having fun in the coming months: Discover how much fun a…
Precision Addiction Medicine Detects Relapse

Precision Addiction Medicine: Good or Bad for Addiction Treatment?

Medical technology is advancing rapidly, and researchers believe they’ve found a way to determine who will and will not relapse. We take a look at the pros of cons of precision addiction medicine. Sharelines Medical technology like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has lead to huge advancements in how we understand addiction (in addition to many…
13th Step in Addiction Recovery

The 13th Step – How to Protect Yourself in Addiction Recovery

12-step recovery groups are supposed to be places that feel safe, offer encouragement and help you maintain your sobriety. But the unofficial ‘13th Step’ is putting some at risk for relapse. Find out what it is and how you can protect yourself. Sharelines The unofficial ‘13th Step’ can endanger your sobriety. Protect yourself from the…
Self-Control and Addiction Recovery

How Empathy is Linked to Self-Control and Addiction Recovery

A new study suggests that empathy with your future self can increase self-control and help fight cravings. What does this mean for those recovering from addiction? Sharelines What does empathy have to do with impulse control? See how empathising with your future self can lead to success in addiction recovery. Could it be that chances…
Loving an Addict without Enabling

Loving an Addict Without Enabling Their Addiction

When you love an addict – whether it is your spouse, family member or friend – it’s only natural to want to help. But how do you draw the line between supporting and enabling? Sharelines Show your addicted loved one you care without enabling their addiction. Your guide to loving an addict, not enabling them….
6 Best Apps for Mindfulness Meditation

The 6 Best Mindfulness Meditation Apps Reviewed

Meditation practice is like a muscle – it needs to be used regularly in order to get stronger.  We review 6 apps that can help you work some meditation into your daily routine, and start reaping the rewards of mindfulness in recovery. Sharelines Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal mindfulness coach to remind…
Cabin Sober House Residents Compete in 2016 Laguna Phuket Triathlon

From Addiction to Triathlon: The Cabin Sober House Residents Compete in the 2016 Laguna Phuket Triathlon

We sat down with three Cabin Sober House residents to talk about their participation in the 2016 Laguna Phuket Triathlon and what it meant to their addiction recovery.  The event was a culmination of hard work that pushed them to their limits, brought them together and surpassed their expectations. The Laguna Phuket Triathlon was held November…