Opioids and Alcohol - A Killer Combination

Opioids and Alcohol – a Combination that Could Kill

Opioids and alcohol are both highly addictive and widely abused. Combining them could prove fatal and, with opioid addiction at record levels and alcohol so readily available, the number of deaths continues to rise. We explore this worrying trend and offer advice for addicts and their families. Sharelines Mixing opioids with alcohol is a combination…
How to Make it Through the Day Without Drinking

Useful Tips to Help You Make It Through Each Day Without Drinking

Avoiding triggers and just getting through the next 24 hours is difficult for all recovering alcoholics and more so for those who have only been clean for a few weeks. Learn how to make it through the day without drinking with the help of our tried and tested tips. Sharelines When you first stop drinking,…
The 7 Deadly Cancers Related to Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol and Cancer – The 7 Deadly Cancers Related to Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholic drinks are classified as Group 1 carcinogens by the IARC and cited as the cause of seven lethal types of cancer. However, stopping drinking or staying sober can greatly lower your risk. The Cabin Chiang Mai explores the links between alcohol and cancer and offers advice, treatment and support. Alcohol and Cancer – Are…
Ben Affleck’s Return to Rehab: What this Says About Addiction

What Ben Affleck’s Return to Rehab Says About Addiction

Ben Affleck recently checked in for rehab to deal with his alcohol addiction. This makes it his third shot at rehab since 2001. While some may see this as weakness, what it really shows is how reaching out for help is a vital component along the journey of recovery. Sharelines Ben Affleck, award winning American…
Five Tips for Surviving Early Sobriety Alcohol Free

How to Avoid Relapse in the Early Stages of Recovery

Following a few early sobriety tips can make the transition from treatment to ongoing recovery so much easier. There’s no denying that the first few months can be difficult – you’re on your own again for the first time since entering the programme and your senses are on high alert.
3 Amazing Health Benefits of Taking a Break from Alcohol

3 Amazing Health Benefits of Taking a Break from Alcohol

We all know it’s a good idea to cut back on drinking, but did you know that even a temporary break from alcohol can significantly improve your brain function, clear up your skin and reduce your risk of multiple forms of cancer? We dive into the health benefits of a no-alcohol diet. Sharelines If campaigns…
7 Ways Animal-assisted Therapy Can Help Addiction Recovery

7 Ways Animal-assisted Therapy Can Help Addiction Recovery

Did you know spending just 30 minutes with a puppy can positively affect your brain chemistry? We look at the many benefits of animal-assisted therapy in addiction treatment. If you’re an animal lover, you’re probably well aware of the uplifting effects pets have on your life. Indeed, spending just 30 minutes with a pup can…
How Can We Fight Smartphone Addiction Among Kids?

How Can We Fight Smartphone Addiction Among Young People?

An increasing number of young people say they can’t put down their phones. What are tech giants, parents, and treatment centres doing about it? Investors confronted tech giant Apple this month about what they say is a rising number of young people addicted to their smartphones, Fortune reported. Firm Jana Partners and investor CalSTRS—who together…
Setting Up a Daily Recovery Practice

How to Set up a Daily Recovery Practice after Treatment

For many people, breaking free of addiction begins with an inpatient treatment programme, but there’s a strong day-to-day aspect involved with staying clean and sober. In this post, we explore what goes into setting up a successful daily recovery practice. Sharelines
Lonely During the Holidays

Are You Ready to Endure Another Lonely Holiday Season?

Addiction is an isolating disease – and this is never more evident than during the holiday season. Friends and family members come together in high spirits, while you feel abandoned in your own personal misery. But what if you took a different approach this holiday season? Sharelines