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Digital Overload: A Deep Dive Into The Effects of Internet Addiction

Break free from the grip of Internet addiction and heal from its hidden effects at The Cabin Chiang Mai. Find serenity and recovery in Thailand.
Londons open secret Emerging as a cocaine capital

London’s Open Secret: Emerging As A Cocaine Capital

Discover the shocking rise of cocaine use in London and find hope in The Cabin Chiang Mai’s rehabilitation programme for comprehensive recovery.
Private treatment are designed with your recovery in mind.

The Cabin Offers Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Thailand

Alcohol withdrawal shakes and tremors are a sign you need professional help. The Cabin is a rehab centre in Chiang Mai that provides the support you need.
Drunk man with glass of alcohol sitting on sofa while wife standing behind

Confronting an Alcoholic Issue in the Family

An alcohol issue can strike any family. We’ll tell you how to confront an alcoholic family member and urge them to seek effective treatment.
group therapy for alcohol treatment

Seeking Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

Learn proactive measures to prevent alcohol-related accidents and the vital role of alcohol addiction treatment in creating a safer, healthier future.
Powder Power - How The Cocaine Epidemic Has Gripped London

Powder Power: How The Cocaine Epidemic Has Gripped London

Explore London’s cocaine crisis and learn how the city can overcome this pressing problem and support people on the path to healing and reclaiming their lives.
Why Australian Parents are Worried About Fortnite Addiction

Why Australian Parents are Worried About Fortnite Addiction

Fornite has experienced such worldwide growth that it has become a cultural phenomenon. The game registers close to 40 million players from around the world every month, currently totalling 250 million. And its popularity shows no sign of slowing – the upcoming Fortnite World Cup, with its $100 million purse, promises to stir up yet…

Seeing the Strength in Vulnerability

Growing up is not an easy thing to do, for anyone, anywhere. Whilst there are varying degrees of difficulty, there is a common theme among young men that makes moving into adulthood increasingly difficult and challenging. You must be strong. The notion that men must be “strong” is one that can be at best harmful…

The Grief of Getting Clean

Lottie Madden is Social Media Executive for international addiction treatment providers, The Cabin Group. Notably, she began her recovery journey at the age of 21 and experienced first hand the challenges and struggles associated with losing one’s identity as an active addict. The grief of getting clean In the dictionary, the word bereavement is defined…
Why Problem Gambling is on the Rise Among Elderly Singaporeans

Why Problem Gambling is on the Rise Among Elderly Singaporeans

Though Singapore is home to only two casinos, it comes in second worldwide for gambling. And among the many gamblers in Singapore, more than half elderly – highlighting an urgent need for gambling addiction treatment catering to those in our respected aging population. According to a study published by the Journals of Gerontology, gambling problems…