Gambling with their Lives Suicide and Bankruptcy among Japanese Gamblers

Gambling with their Lives: Suicide and Bankruptcy among Japanese Gamblers

In a country known for its self-control and adherence to tradition, gambling has become a cause for concern. Gambling addiction affects up to 5.3% of people in any given country, and has serious social, physical and mental health effects. These include mental health problems, impaired functioning, reduced quality of life, financial risks and even suicide….
How Dangerous Can Money Be Day Traders face Addiction

How Dangerous Can Money Be? Day Traders face Addiction

Gambling has long been identified as highly addictive to people with a genetic predisposition for addiction. But far away from the glittering lights of casinos, another closely related addiction has emerged: Day trading. The pursuit of money is certainly one of the primary goals for anyone in the modern world. Money is the means by…
Gaming Addiction a Serious Problem in Asia

Gaming Addiction a Serious Problem in Asia

A recent report on highlighted the growth in gaming addiction in Asia. What is driving this trend? With an estimated 84 million of the world’s 1.2 billion gamers living in Asia, there is an immense population of gamers whose hobby has become an addiction. There isn’t an official figure, but with estimates of between…
How Do You Know if You Have a Gaming Addiction Five Warning Signs

How Do You Know if You Have a Gaming Addiction? Five Warning Signs

If you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve almost certainly heard of Candy Crush. The popular game has been downloaded over 500 million times, and it’s safe to say that playing games to reduce stress or simply pass the time has become a fixture of modern life. Yet there is growing concern about addictive behavior related to…