Women and Prescription Addiction: How Emotions Play a Role

Women and Prescription Addiction How Emotions Play a Role

Men, women, teenagers, and the elderly are all capable of abusing prescription medications. Addiction to these drugs has become a huge problem throughout the world, resulting in thousands of deaths due to overdose or related accidents every year. There are a number of reasons why people develop an addiction to prescription medications, but one of the most common reasons is because users are attempting to self medicate emotional pain.

Highest Risk for Abusing and Becoming Addicted

Women of all ethnicities, cultures, and age groups can develop an addiction to prescription medications. Women are one of the groups at highest risk for abusing and becoming addicted to prescription medications; especially painkillers. Why are women twice as likely to develop an addiction to prescription drugs? The answer is simple, because women are more likely to seek medical help for their emotional issues than are men. There are many types of emotional pain that men and women alike can experience. However, women tend to dwell on these emotions causing depression, sadness, fear, and anxiety. There are several types of emotional pain that a woman may struggle to deal with:

Traumatic Event Emotional pain related to a specific traumatic event; such as, the death of a family member, loss of a relationship, loss of a job, physical or sexual abuse, etc. may result in the abuse or addiction to prescription medications. Women who have experienced a traumatic event are more likely to seek out medication than men.

Inability to Handle Pain Many children experiencing emotional pain feel overwhelmed by helplessness and loneliness. Most adults are able to learn how to manage these feelings, but some are unable to. Therefore, from childhood to adulthood their inability to handle pain continues to grow and become worse. Women unable to handle pain may take a medication to try and make these feelings disappear. Unfortunately, this is only a temporary fix, the underlying problem continues to remain, but now there is a compounding issue of an addiction to prescription medications.

Low Self Esteem Many women suffer from low self esteem. This may be because they did not receive enough attention during their childhood, were made fun of while growing up, etc. Low self esteem can be extremely debilitating and can cause serious self doubt, shame, and unworthiness. Taking prescription medications may seem like the only way to feel good and feel better about one self. Unfortunately, as an addiction grows, a woman may begin to feel worse than she did before taking the pills.

Searching for the Approval of Others In today’s world, getting the right approval from other people seems to be highly valued. Women especially are searching for the approval from others. Some women put so much importance on the opinions of other people that it actually becomes extremely unhealthy and even debilitating. When this happens a woman may turn to prescription medications to combat obsessing over what other people think.

Needing Control Many women feel the urge to somehow control their own life; they are scared or unable to understand that life is completely uncontrollable. They try to control their mood, behavior, mental awareness, etc. At first taking a pill to control their self may seem like an easy solution to the chaos that is happening all around. Unfortunately, an addiction to prescription medications can become dangerously out of control.

Less Likely to Get Treatment Even though women may be more likely to go to the doctor when struggling with emotional issues, once they have realized they have an addiction they are actually less likely than men to get treatment at a rehab. It is imperative that women understand that they do not need to try to unnecessarily function with a prescription addiction. There is help available and addiction can be overcome.

When Trying to Quit Please note that a prescription addiction is serious. It is important that anyone who is addicted to these medications seeks doctor’s assistance when trying to quit.

We Are Here to Help

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