Why Doctors Refer Addicts to Thailand for Rehab

Why doctors refer addicts to thailand for rehab

Going to a drug and alcohol rehab in Thailand is becoming increasingly popular not only amongst addicts and their families, but also with doctor. Doctors understand that Thailand is not only beautiful, relaxing, and friendly, but also easily accessible, cost-friendly, and offers a world class drug and alcohol rehab to send their patients to.

Easy and Accessible

Thailand can be easily accessed from nearly every country. Doctors know that when addicts need to get help at a rehab, they must be able to get there conveniently and quickly. There are daily flights in and out of Bangkok that come from and go to nearly all main cities in the world. The airport itself is easy to get around and is up to par with western facilities. Once addicts have arrived at the airport they simply board a short one hour flight up to the serene Chiang Mai. From there a comfortable vehicle will pick the patient up and bring them to the rehab. Within one day the addict can begin their treatment at rehab.

New Environment and Away from Temptations

Doctors are referring addicts to go to rehab in Thailand because they are able to leave their everyday environment and go to a new place. Thailand will give the addict the opportunity to get away from the temptations that they struggle with back home. It can be very difficult for addicts to remain close to home; this is partly due to family, friends, and suppliers. Addicts will know where to get their drugs around their hometown; in Thailand, it will not be as easy. Doctors want to see addicts get better and going to a relaxing, but unfamiliar place is one step in the right direction.

Cost Friendly

Rehab in Thailand is cheap when compared to facilities in western countries. When a patient discusses cost options with a doctor, the doctor may refer Thailand because of the affordability it offers. An addict is able to get the same care as they would in west countries, but for one-third of the price. This is not because the quality or services are not as good, but simply because cost of land, food, salaries etc. are much cheaper.

Western Trained Professionals

A doctor will not refer any addict to a rehab that does not have qualified professionals. A rehab, such as The Cabin Chiang Mai has only western trained professionals with years of experience in dealing with and treating addictions. This will greatly benefit the doctor and the patient as they will both that they are in good hands.

World Class Service

Just because the rehab is in Thailand, does not mean that it does not offer world class services. In fact, the services are so outstanding that it is considered a luxury rehab. A doctor would like anyone who is suffering from an addiction to feel comfortable and relaxed during their entire stay at any rehab. At our rehab in Thailand, each and every addict is individually cared for in the best possible way.

Everyone’s needs are catered to and any problems will be sorted out in the most professional manner. Doctors also want to send patients to a place where nutrition is also very important when an addict is trying to overcome an addiction. At our rehab, only fresh and healthy food is served; including real fruit juice, available throughout the day. We have also created a highly effective daily schedule to keep all addicts completely focused on their recovery.

Confidence in the Rehab

Doctors look for many things in a rehab before they begin to refer addicts to them. Doctors refer addicts to our rehab in Thailand because they feel confident that their patients can overcome their addiction and return to a healthier way of life.