When to Consider an Inpatient Residential Treatment Centre

When to consider an inpatient residential treatment centre

There are many kinds of options to choose from when seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. When faced with the decision of choosing an addiction treatment centre, many people are unsure of whether or not they should attend an inpatient or outpatient centre. Both have their advantages; for example, an outpatient addiction treatment centre may be suitable for a person who is unable to leave home and/or work; whereas, a person can focus 100% on their addiction recovery at an inpatient addiction treatment centre.

Listed below are some important reasons why one could consider attending an inpatient residential addiction treatment centre.

Unsuccessful Previous Treatment

Many people with a drug or alcohol addiction have sought treatment before. Sometimes one may go to meetings or weekly therapy and it is simply not enough; the same may apply to an outpatient addiction treatment centre. In these scenarios, an inpatient addiction treatment centre may prove to be a better option and give the person a greater chance for a successful recovery.

Round the Clock Care

Inpatient addiction treatment centres will have staff on call throughout the day and night. At any time, a person can reach out to a needed staff member for help or support. More importantly, in instances of alcoholism or certain prescription medication addictions, withdrawal can be especially dangerous. The centre will be with these people throughout the process and make sure that everything is going okay. Being monitored by professionals and having the extra support given 24 hours a day 7 days a week can make a huge difference in the recovery process.

Long Term Addiction

Those who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol for a long period of time may require intensive 24 hour care in order to recover. Sometimes an addiction can be so severe, that any other treatment besides an inpatient addiction treatment centre is not enough. When this happens to be the situation, an addiction treatment center that offers programmes more than 30, or even 60, days can be very useful. Some centres will work with an individual wishing to stay for more than the programmes advertised.

Multiple Addictions

Treating persons addicted to more than one drug, with an eating disorder, or any other coinciding problem can be more challenging and require harder work from the individual. These people can greatly benefit from an inpatient treatment centre that can work with them on all of their problems while giving them the support and knowledge they need.

Self Harm and Trauma

A large percentage of those with a drug or alcohol addiction have experienced some sort of trauma in their life. Additionally, many may have harmed their self in the past and may, or may not, still threaten to do so. For these individuals, an inpatient addiction treatment centre can not only help them with the actual addiction, but also focus on the psychological and emotional effects that the trauma and/or self harm have caused. By treating these elements at the same time, the addiction can be better helped.

A New Environment

For some, a new environment away from family, friends, and familiar surroundings can make a big impact on ones recovery. This period of separation can be a healthy choice which allows the person to enjoy new surroundings, without any kind of outside influence or stress of any kind.

Choosing an inpatient residential addiction treatment centre can be an excellent choice for someone wishing to overcome their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Finding the right centre may take some time and patience, but with a little effort a centre suitable to a person’s own individual needs can be found.

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