When Addiction Recovery Treatment Coincides with a New Season

When Addiction Recovery Treatment Coincides with a New Season

For those who live in temperate regions of the world such as the U.S. or the U.K., spring has begun, evidenced by the warming temperatures and rainy days. The wetness and rising temperatures are the makings of a vibrant summer, replete with blossoming flora plus hours and hours of daylight.

Spring is perhaps the most easily analogized of the seasons; countless authors have used spring to represent rejuvenation and growth because that’s what spring is. Like addiction recovery treatment, spring is the beginning of something new.

When treatment for addiction happens during the months of spring (March, April and May), it’s a chance to recognise the similarities in the two, and to use the seasonal change to inform a more personal development.

Spring is about renewal. It’s not only about something, but something better. Spring is also not about creating an entirely different landscape; winter may have damaged much of the plant life, but the earth is the same earth that existed the spring before. Spring is about building again on the same patch of dirt, but building better than the year before.

Addiction recovery treatment follows this model; it’s not about becoming an entirely new person, but about recognizing what works and what doesn’t work for you and your addiction, and focusing on the positive, sunnier parts of yourself.

Inherent in the idea of renewal is growth. Spring is the season where flowers and trees begin to bloom again. The warming temperatures and wet weather create the prime conditions for growth.

Addiction recovery treatment is the same. A recovery centre is like a fertile ground, where you can expect to grow in positive ways, though the growth process will be difficult.

With growth and renewal comes reevaluation. Spring cleaning – the task of reorganizing your space and ridding yourself of any unnecessary items that you’ve accumulated during the chilly months of autumn and winter – is a popular activity during the spring months.

Undergoing treatment for addiction is not dissimilar to spring cleaning. It’s a chance to reflect on the years before addiction recovery, and to see clearly the actions that brought you to addiction and to addiction recovery treatment. It’s a time to throw out those unhealthy choices, and to rid your closet (your mind) of winter’s heavy clothes (those mistakes and regrets).