When a Drug Addiction Centre is the Answer: The Various Manifestations of Addiction

When a Drug Addiction Centre is the Answer The Various Manifestations of Addiction 

Addiction manifests itself in a myriad of ways, and there’s no definite number or combinations of changes that can definitively suggest substance or alcohol abuse. Regardless, there are various physical, emotional and social changes that may all be indications to check-in to a drug addiction centre as soon as possible.

Physical changes: Sleep and appetite

Changes in sleep patterns and appetite may be some of the first changes in a substance abuser’s life. Drug or alcohol misuse can significantly affect the body’s cycles, and sleeping less or more than usual is a consequence.

In addition, weight loss or weight gain, side affects of changes in appetite, is another sign that a friend or loved one may be struggling with substance or alcohol addiction.

Physical changes: Hygiene

When someone battles addiction, consuming drugs or alcohol become their first priority, and all of life’s necessities take a back seat – including hygiene. If a friend was once disciplined about dental and personal hygiene and is suddenly not, it may be a sign of substance or alcohol abuse. Substance abuse rehab is a chance to reorder one’s priorities.

Emotional changes: Quick to lie

When one is hiding his or her addiction from others, nearly every moment in a day becomes a lie. A trip to meet a friend for tea is a trip to the liquor store, and soon lying becomes the easiest thing to do.

Emotional changes: Easily angered

Those who abuse drugs or alcohol often jump to the defence quickly and without being provoked  – because they are hiding their addiction they may interpret every question from a loved one as a personal attack and respond with anger. In situations like this, substance abuse rehab is the answer.

Social changes: Loss of interest in friends

Addiction likes addicted company; that is, someone who is abusing drugs or alcohol will seek out others who are interested in the same. A friend or family member who is suffering from addiction may suddenly lose interest in seeing friends, or may quickly have a new group of friends.

Social changes: Loss of interest in job or school

Just as basic hygiene and friends fall to the wayside, so may a job or school if a friend is using alcohol or drugs. Addiction obscures focus on activities other than the substance that feeds the addiction, and so it’s imperative to consider a drug addiction centre where a loved one can rediscover their interests outside of drugs and alcohol.