What To do if You Think a Family Member Needs Treatment For Addiction

What To do if You Think a Family Member Needs Treatment For Addiction 

There are often no warning signs when a family member starts using drugs. In the early stages of their addiction they are usually able to function without any noticeable problems, and there they may be no indicators that they have become drug dependent and need treatment for addiction.

You may even put their disheveled appearance, constant lack of money and sudden isolation, down to stress, depression or, worse still, blame yourself. However, as their using progresses there can be a few tell-tale signs that let you know something is not quite right and, there maybe even a be a specific ‘incident’ where the extent of their using becomes apparently obvious even if they are not yet willing to admit they have a problem.

Discovering that a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol dependency and needs addiction treatment is a difficult time for any family, and it can be hard to know to address the situation and what to do for the best.

The way you handle this, can be the difference between the lines of communication staying open; with you able to support and encourage your loved one into a drug free life. Or, can mean they isolate themselves further – maybe even moving out of the family home – and completely detach themselves from the family.

Below you will find three tips you can follow if you suspect a family member needs addiction treatment.

1.Trust your instincts  and don’t avoid the warnings sign

Many of the early signs of substance abuse are similar to that of depression. Whilst it is unwise to jump to conclusions, it always pays to trust your instincts and investigate any suspicions you may have as fully as possible.

2.Address your concerns

Having the ‘conversation’ where you tell a family member you suspect they may be using drugs and need addiction treatment, is often fraught, tense and stressful. You may have heard this termed as: staging an intervention. However, no matter how difficult it is to tell your loved what you suspect, it’s vital that you do as these early actions can mean they receive the appropriate support and, in some cases, stop their addiction from escalating any further.

3.Don’t become an enabler

When you discover that your loved one is using drugs there are something’s about normally family life that will immediately change. And, there are something’s that will have to change – if you want to give them the best chance of success!  This means saying no if they ask you to call in sick for them at work, and refusing to give loans when they run out of cash only days after receiving their pay check.

Discovering that a family member is an addict can mean a difficult road of recovery ahead, for both the addict, and the people closest to them. However, a huge factor in an addict getting the support they need to enter into addiction treatment and face their problems head on, is having a loving and supportive family behind them.

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