What Rules Can I Expect in a Drug Rehab?

What rules can i expect in a drug rehab

Even the plushest most celebrity filled drug rehabs have rules! These rules are rarely arbitrary; they help keep drug rehabs safe, secure and successful and are something you are going to have to come to terms with if you decide to get addiction treatment – preferably beforehand!

If you are considering entering drug rehab, it’s likely that you will have numerous questions about what is, and what is not, acceptable within your chosen facility. Whilst these rules differ from centre to centre, below you will find some of the most common rules used universally across drug rehabs. Familiarising yourself with these rules and addressing any questions or apprehensions you may have will help to make sure going to drug rehab is a positive experience for you.

Common drug rehab rules

1. All residents are expected to maintain the confidentially of other clients both during and after treatment

The decision to enter into drug rehab is very personal, as is the information that is disclosed within group or 1-2-1 therapy. All residents are expected to respect the confidentiality of others and not disclose any private or personal information.

2. You must attend therapy sessions unless there is a valid and excused reason

Starting talking therapy sessions can be very challenging, especially if talking openly, honestly and, occasionally being challenged about your opinions is not something you are used to. Talking therapies are the back bone of drug rehab; opting out because you don’t feel like it is not something staff or residents will find acceptable.

3. Refrain from any illicit or mind altering drugs – unless prescribed by a Physician and disclosed to the treatment centre

This is pretty self-explanatory, right?

4. No consumption of alcoholic beverages

Read number three!

5. No aggressive and negative challenging of other residents or staff members

There is a way of thinking in the therapeutic community that is: challenge the idea and not the individual. Whilst it’s ok and even encouraged to have –  and voice – differing opinions, there is a way, time and a place in which to do it.

6. Abstain from sexual relationships with other residents or staff

Intimate relationships with other patients whilst in treatment, takes people’s attention away for the sole purpose of their stay: to start and maintain their recovery. Staff members also have a duty of care to you and overall responsibility for the safe management of the facility. Any staff member engaging in sexual or romantic relationships with a client has crossed the boundary of what is appropriate behavior. And if you don’t know that- they should!

7. Violent or threatening behaviour against residents or staff

Violent behavior or threatening language towards residents or staff members is not tolerated behavior within any facility – including a drug rehab. Addiction treatment centre staff are there to work with you, but cannot and should not, be expected to deal with aggressive or threatening outbursts. Being angry or in a bad mood is not an excuse – you are responsible for your own actions!

This list of rules you may be asked to adhere to whilst in drug rehab is not exhaustive. Each drug addiction treatment centre will have its own code of conduct which you will usually be expected to read and agree to before you are admitted into the facility.

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